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A guide to make $1500 monthly

A proven technique written into an incredible eBook for making some extra money online


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Where do most of us spend our time these days ? ONLINE .


This new free ebook shows you exactly how to make cash online by setting up classified websites with advertisements . The author writes about the pros and cons of setting up such a website initially and then moves on to a step-by-step guide on how to set up your site . Step one starts off by telling you to write a classified script for your advertisements.  Even though you can hire a programmer  to write your script , you can also get Free scripts online . Step two proceeds by saying that even though your website might have popularity , it is off no use if here is nothing on it . So spread the word , tell your friends , colleagues relatives to set up adverts on your site if they want to sell anything at all . By doing this , you start bringing up popularity and generating more and more traffic and that’s exactly how you make money online ! The next step , as the author says , is strictly optional . Generating traffic can be done by putting up flyers , Facebook , word off mouth , start off ! The author then proceeds by telling us to monetize the website , by using Google Adsense or even Direct advertising should do the trick . Keeping it short and simple , This ebook is for starters and it tells you how you can make your money online !      


Short and simple tips that are easy to follow makes this ebook amazing ! Tells you everything you need to know about setting up classifieds online , and in easy language that makes even beginners understand !


As a beginner , will I know how to write scripts ?

Probably not . But you can hire a programmer or find scripts online .

Can this ebook teach me How to make extra money ?

Yes . This ebook teaches you the ways to make extra money online . But obviously everything involves certain amount of effort and time .

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