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A Minimal html5 template that works for your company

Sucker for minimalism are you? Then i bet this is for you.


Integration Time

40 minutes

Saves You

170 hours


Premium responsive wordpress theme  

What is HTML5?

HTML is one of the major markup languages being used to describe the content or data found on the Internet. The latest version of that markup language is HTML5. It comes with scripting-based APIs and some new features. There are also some improvements on the existing features. However, HTML5 is more than just a reformulation of the previous versions. This language has all the valid elements found in XHTML 1.0 and HTML4. Furthermore, this language has been designed keeping in mind some primary principles so that it works on almost every platform and it works properly with older browsers. It is also capable handling errors gracefully. The design principles based on which HTML5 was created is explained on W3C’s HTML Design Principles.


Love HTML5 ? Been looking for a minimal template to give your business that new professional look? Well here’s Elegant Press. Its a template that helps you get your business a html5 website up  started and running in a few hours. Without much configuration. Download it. Unzip it to a folder. edit the file. and upload the folder to your server. Voila!. Elegant Press is a variable-column, Multi – layout,  Minimal Html5 template which is modern and efficient. It loads fast and is cross browser compatible. It is made with HTML5 standard and CSS3 style sheetElegant Press has jquery gallery, jquery portfolio, a jquery slider, lightbox, web fonts inbuilt into it, a working contact form to get it up and started.   Be it any sort of business you have, this template will make it look extra professional. And Oh, You are free to use it for your personal as well as commercial projects.


– Uses HTML5 and CSS3. – W3C Validated HTML5. – Cross Browser Compatible. – Working PHP contact form. – Uses ChunkFive and Artifika, loaded from Google Web Fonts. – Has essential jQuery plugins like prettyPhoto. – Multiple layouts: Right Sidebar, Full Width, Gallery, Portfolio, etc. – Read Me included. – Totally Free! Released under New BSD License. Template By Pritesh Gupta


We are promoters of Html5, and we’ve been in love with the standard ever since it came into being. It offers a lot of possibilities it offers in terms of flexibility, clean code, canvas capabilities (Yea, you can make amazing stuff using that). There are still a lot of people who haven’t heard of it yet.  🙁 .  so we’ve taken up the task of holding the Megaphone and spreading the word as much as we can of beautiful it can make the web. This is simply the first step in that. We’ve been following Pritesh Gupta on various forums; he’s one of the few talented people around. and he’s giving the theme for free to people (A true gentle Ninja at heart). This theme makes your work simple, helps a person less knowledge in web designing to just edit the content  use it.


Does this template Comply with Html5 Standard? Yes it complies with w3c html5 standard. Is it made for wordpress or any other platform? No it’s a html5 template without any cms engine running it. Is it compatible across all browsers? Yes, Its compatible across the latest versions of most commonly used browsers like Opera, IE 9, FF11, Chrome. Who made this wonderful Html5 Template? It was made by pritesh gupta of He’s a web designer and developer. you can keep a tab on his progress and get in touch with him on his website.    

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