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Increase your search traffic by having pages in Document sharing sites .

This is one area that many websites use to mine traffic effortlessly . Have you tried it yet ?


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Have you leveraged the power of DOCUMENT sharing sites yet ?

If not – you are missing out some serious traffic for your target keywords . As these sites are TRAFFIC MAGNETS ! Yes – that’s right . Document sharing sites like Scribd , Slide Share etc. are highly respected by Google . Search engines have seprate provisions for Document sharing sites in their rankings . Did you know ? Clever Web masters take advantage this provision and mine HUGE traffic for their desired keywords !What more ? Crawlers love crawling these high PR document sharing sites and your links inside will be counted as authoritative back links . So what do you get in this incredible deal ? – An article will be written for your Keyword Niche . – This article will be posted to 20+ HIGH PR document sharing sites from a POWER USER account . – Contextual links will be present in the document for your keyword along with a manually added CLICK-ABLE IMAGE ( as people opening the site tend to click the image immediately ) . This image will be linked to your site . – Each URL will be manually submitted using a PRO LINKLICIOUS account . All the above work will be submitted with complete proof and professional reports .


The top 2 reasons we chose to have this incredible deal are : – Webmasters and site owners are constantly on the look out for ingenious ways to get search traffic and increase their sites PR value . One such needed activity to be done is having your pages in DOCUMENT Sharing sites ( and all search engines welcome it ) – Pages in Document sharing sites tend to rank easily in search engines for keywords .  


I already have an agency doing my SEO , can I do this as well ? Yes definitely you should do it . Document sharing sites are highly respected by search engines . Links to your keyword in these sites will prove to be of high value . Infact we have seen many of our customers get easily ranked on top in Google for the page they have in these sites – and they effortlessly redirect traffic to their websites . Just think of it like having a page for your keyword in Wikipedia . What are document sharing sites ? With the emergence of interactive web , many sites have come up with a facility to upload your documents ( PDF ) and share them . These sites prove to be high value to users as the content in them are of value . Search engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing etc. give a lot of importance to the pages in these sites . Their crawlers crawl through each document in these sites and any links present in them are considered as a back link of good value .

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