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Effective INFOGRAPHIC template for Gojek Clone Script

Get the most effective INFOGRAPHIC to do the heavy lifting work of fueling your digital marketing efforts. Easy to Edit.


Integration Time

25 minutes

Saves You

190 hours


Fuel Your Marketing Activity with


For your Gojek Clone Script

Wordpress business theme

What do you get?

– An easy to edit, well designed meaningful Infographic template that will be an instant hit with your audience. Fuel your Digital Marketing Channels.

– Source Files and color palette guide which acts as a great deal for reference.

– Visual reference guide for understanding the idea behind the design. Link to Documentation on How to edit source files.

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Top 3 reasons to buy this Infographic template for Gojek Clone Script based business:

– Infographics help people understand your product better with carefully laid out data accompanied by easy to understand graphics that is explains your product in a simple manner.

– The graphical elements on the infographic have been created by designers from Stockholm, Sweden who have worked with many brands to educate their customers using infographics. 

– Infographics comprises of high quality graphics and priced low. The infographics come with editable layers to make it easier to quickly edit them. 

Why is it important for your business to take advantage of Infographics?

Infographics have been an effective medium to communicate any complex information in a simple way by various businesses in the past decade.

Infographics cater to the shorter attention span that most users have and it works well by the use of attention grabbing graphics and factual data points.

Also, a good Infographic gets shared over 100x times than a piece of content that most readers may not have the time to read completely. 

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What will I get if I only buy this package?

Getting this package alone would entitle you to a license to use this product, all the design references, source files required to edit and manipulate the image. The source files will be provided in popular image source formats to ensure compatibility on Popular editing platforms.

What type of source files do I get?
All the infographic source files are layered so that each layer can be edited individually and are properly labelled for making the editing experience convenient for anyone working with it. The source files are offered in popular .PSD or .AI or .Aep formats based on the availability. These fairly compatible with most image editing apps.

I want to commission a designer to make a custom infographic, is it possible?

We have designers who are experienced and have worked on multiple projects from time to time, but do get in touch with us to check with their availability, we’ll work something out. Write to [email protected]

I have some design elements that need to be incorporated in an already existing infographic, can you help?

Get in touch with us and give us your source files that are in the adobe illustrator format, we can help. Otherwise, if possible, we could create a fresh design for you based on the already existing project. Please be advised that this is a paid service.

The template can be resold? What are the licensing terms?

Each purchase is backed by one license. If you want to reuse the infographic template for another client, we recommend that you purchase a new license, that way the designer would also be paid for the effort. 

Do I need additional software to edit the files? What are they?

You would need Adobe Illustrator or Sketch to edit these files and easily add your data or replace the images with your own. Alternatively, our designers can do this for you at a nominal cost.

Do you know a equally Kick-Ass digital marketing Agency or a service that does Digital Marketing?

Hmmm… We do happen to have a digital marketing service that you can avail. Do get in touch with [email protected] to know more. Let’s take it forward.

Is there a refund policy for this script?

There’s a 14 day Money back guarantee for the product from the time of purchase. InCase you would like a refund, do get in touch with us stating the reason at [email protected]

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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