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Interactive whiteboard video scribing for an effective product pitch

Interactive whiteboard video scribing deal to create an amazing animated explainer video for your business.


Integration Time

5 Minutes

Saves You

75 Hours


Gain your visitors attention with a cool

Interactive whiteboard video scribing !

interactive whiteboard video scribing

___________________ What do you get in this Amazing deal ?___________________

– An amazing interactive whiteboard video scribe ( worth 744$ )

– Video output in 1080p HD quality ( worth 99$ )

– Your voice synchronized on the video scribe ( worth 149$ )

Any Questions Please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] _____________________________________________________________________________

Who is this Offer for?

  • Any Entrepreneur looking to create a kick-ass explainer videos for their products that are easy to understand. 
  • You’re looking to impress your investors who need to understand the Unique selling point of your product.

Try using an interactive whiteboard video scribe – and you will be amazed at the response you GET !


Top Reasons to Choose this Interactive whiteboard video scribing deal?

– Capturing the users’ attention in a short span is the essence of any business and interactive whiteboard video scribing does that pretty well in engaging your site visitors or potential clients. Any big business you see out there has one.

– Interactive whiteboard video scribing is a most sought after service on the internet and among the Gentle Ninja community. So you know. 🙂

– Whiteboard animation is one of a kind service that adds value to your business and can have an impact on your sales in a positive way when done right.

Interactive whiteboard video scribing


What is interactive whiteboard video scribing?

Interactive whiteboard video scribing conveys the idea or explains the product with a pleasing illustration coupled with stop motion photography, Videography, and sound.

How will interactive whiteboard video scribing benefit you?

A well-made video scribe will engage your audience and explain the product easily without complicating it. Interactive whiteboard video scribing is an innovative method that has been in use for a while. 

When a user understands your product, chances are that they’ll keep using your product regularly. Additionally, you could use it in your investor pitch to explain your concept clearly, so the investors understand the value in your product.

What does this interactive whiteboard video scribe deal offer you?

– An impressive illustrated video that’ll charm your customers. And did we mention? They are eye-catchy that you’ll want to play it over and over again. 

– Your Video will also have voice over by a professional voice artist, who will explain the entire product concisely.

General questions :

Help! I can’t decide between a Video scribe or whiteboard animation service and a video product presentation

Let’s get you out of the dilemma. Both video techniques are used in many ways everywhere even in big companies like Google, Twitter, etc.

The style of making is different and both are effective, while the latter is used to make highly graphic with video inside a video, etc. Interactive whiteboard video scribing is more of an illustrated narration based technique, it is also called Whiteboard animation. Based on your requirement and budget you could take the call. 

Could you please add more animations to the product or tweak it even further

Sure, we offer more customizations and other graphical elements in your video too, please contact [email protected]

What is the process for this service?

Once you purchase the service, an expert will get in touch with you to get a basic idea about your requirements. After a thorough brainstorming session, the illustrations are made with graphic elements on a whiteboard and animated. 

What will you be needing to complete my interactive whiteboard video scribe?

– Your Text for the slides.

– Your text, logo, URL, Facebook or twitter link for the third page.

– Your voice to synchronize it with the video scribe ( if required )

– Design inputs (if any.)

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