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IOS Grid View masonry view

Sleek IOS Grid View to power your IPhone apps

Get this amazing IOS Grid view to give your IPhone apps that sleek masonry view like Pinterest


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It is the age of the IPhone – we all must agree . IPhone apps are ruling the web in a manner that  it will be the future of the web ! Everyday many entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas to  make the coolest apps in the world .

You must be on this page for one of the 2 following reasons :
– You are an entrepreneur who have an IPhone app idea that can really change the world
-or- You are a developer developing a sleek IPhone app that requires the best of the best IOS Grid  view ( as you always want the best )

Whatever the reason is you are at the right place at the right time to witness a killer deal on the coolest IOS GRID VIEW component on the web .

What do you get in this deal ?
– A fantastic IOS GRID view component that can bring the Pinterest like masonry view for your app (  Worth 49$ )
– All the help and support needed on this component ( though everything is made to easily fit it in  effortlessly , everyone loves support )

What is a masonry view ?

It is a fluid grid view display style that can give neat arrangement of content on pages . Especially on touch devices this grid view can be really appealing as the user swipes his fingers and browses through the grids seamlessly .You can open up Pinterest on your IPad and check to see this Grid view in action .

Why is this amazing Grid view done for IOS ?

We did ask the same question to the creative geeks who have developed this module . The answer they gave was ” IPhone apps is something nearly everyone on this planet loves ! the touch experience  provided on IOS is something none of the competitors are yet to give . A grid view ( masonry view )  on the IOS is what will give out the true experience of the module .Though we are working on the  same component for Android and Windows Phone , we personally love to see it in action in the IPhone  first as the hardware and software of the IPhone adds beauty to this module like no other gadget can ”

Where all can this IOS grid view be used ?

The masonry style grid view is a highly appreciated style of displaying content on touch screens (  Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest ) .You can give your app a lovable layout which your viewers  will definitely love to lay their hands upon . Using this incredible and user friendly grid layout  you can come up with innovative ways to display your apps content ( It is powered with end-to-end  documentation and user friendly architecture that can be easily played with to make different  styles )

What are the killer features available in this IOS grid view ?
– The component you receive is power packed with a demo app XCode Project for you to make use of  and see the implementation .
– This powerful IOS Grid view can be used both on iPhone and iPad apps.
– The cell designs in this IOS grid view is end-to-end easily customizable .
– This component has a built-in paging functionality (drag to reload)
– Built on a light weight architecture that boosts performance with even thousands of cells.
– Has options to add a header view ( just like how its done with a UITableView )
– It supports both scrolling modes (horizontal and vertical)
– Its architected to work on both landscape and portrait modes .
– Its structured to automatically aligns cells when the orientation changes.
– Has options to change the number of columns displayed.
– Has support for ARC and non-ARC
– Powers you to easily create dynamic grids of cells with varying heights and number of columns.
– Also contains all the External libraries required.

Upcoming features :
– Ability to reuse cells ( as new cells come in )
– Power to refresh the page using the Pull-to-refresh functionality .
– Ability to change BG and add photo paper background for each cell .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this IOS grid view as a deal are
– The component is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also  value customer relationship a lot .
– A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass IOS grid view component and since this is  in the next gen masonry view style , we decided to bring it in .
– We ran through a variety of IOS grid view components in the market and this seemed the best .
– This IOS grid view component is can add a lot of value to the apps developed by users which the  Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life [ We see somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling 😉 ]

One more thing ….
There will be a version of this component for Android and Windows Phone devices . We will keep  you posted 🙂


What makes this an better than other existing components in the market?

– Nothing is implicit, everything has been structured in a explicit way so the developer can easily manage to modify the inner workings of the class.
– This is a “Dynamic” Masonry Grid View, i.e by default you get the beautiful Masonry view and you can easily modify this view into a normal grid view or you be the innovator here!
– You can customize the design of the cells.
– Support for iOS5 Storyboarding
– Easily add XML, JSON & Core Data data sources.
– If you find yourself in a very tricky situation and you need a tip/trick on how to use this component in a advanced project of yours then dont worry free guidance will be given. We love to see what you are working on and help you with it 🙂

How is the support ?
The support for this amazing IOS grid view ( masonry view )is top notch and by experts . These guys  really love what they do and would love to interact with customers and hand held them in any support or help on this module .

How is the updates handled ?
The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime .

How stable is the version ?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version .

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