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Get your iPhone apps the required viral Boost !

with this powerful and high quality iPhone app marketing service , done end-to-end by experienced experts .


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Take your iPhone app to the next level with this powerful iPhone app marketing package !

Did you know ?

There are near 500000 apps in the apps store and its increasing daily with just 1000 apps being submitted everyday ! Yeah the space is for sure getting hot day by day and to get people to check out your app needs a strategic action plan in place !

Yeah we know apple is a closed garden and its a real tough job to get users notice your app . You will be needing lots of reviews , ratings and downloads to get your app on top of your category and keyword – to trigger the viral effect . There are many essential MUST DO steps that needs to be done to get your iPhone app the required attention .

So how do you get the required traction for your iPhone app and get people to download it in this crowded space ?

Fret not – we have got the iPhone app marketing gurus in place to do the job for you !

We have lined up a stream of professional activities that when followed in strict discipline will for sure give your iPhone app the required boost in downloads . These activities are done with extreme care and in the most organic manner from experts around the globe .


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iPhone app marketing services company

Here is a list of marketing activities that will be done to boost your apps presence every month :

– iPhone app optimization & consulting : Optimizing your iPhone app Meta elements so every aspect of your app ( Description optimization etc. ) are framed to compete with other apps , when a user does a keyword search . Also strategically testing your app for the relevant category ,comparing it against other apps in various categories , so your app shows up on the best category . This activity will be done by experts who constantly notice the algorithms of apps stores .

You will also get continues consultation from consultants on required updates and suggestions for retaining user activity . This helps in getting your app a strong hold on the top positions .

– Mobile site : One of the most important things for an app is a mobile site , that has end-to-end details of the app . Also its a mandatory requirement for your app to have a mobile site .Here professionals will be creating a spectacular mobile site for your app and filling it with relevant information about your app so it triggers initial interest . Links to your iPhone app will be strategically placed on the site so visitors can download your app on a click .

– Splash page : One of the easiest ways to generate interest in an app, is to build a splash page . This splash page will be optimized for the keywords your app relates to and filled with interesting information . The page will also contain social media elements for users to share . Also present in the page will be a news letter sign up feature for interested users to subscribe for updates . The page will be made using HTML5 responsive design concepts so it shows up good on mobile devices as well . If your app already has a Splash page , we will be building a full grown responsive website that speaks about your app end-to-end .

– Promotional video : Media experts will be creating a promotional video that features your app in the most interesting manner . This video will also be used for promotional campaigns and will be present in the apps website .

– Facebook page : Experts will analyze your app and create an interactive Facebook page . This Facebook page will be skinned as per your apps vertical . Your apps Facebook page will be used for future promotions and creating interest in social media and gathering fans . It will also be integrated inside your apps website .
iPhone app marketing

Pre launch campaigns :

– Press release : Your app will be covered in 4 top press release sites every month . So a search for keywords related to your app will bring up the news articles on top in Search engines . This has lots of value as most users are interested in authentic news and will head to check out the app .

– Blog coverage : Your app will be featured in 4 reputed high authority tech blogs . This helps is giving more exposure for your app and also helps as good back links for your app site , to easily show on top of mobile and desktop searches .

– Youtube exposure : Your iPhone app promotional video will be submitted in Youtube . Your video will get guaranteed 20,000 views , 100 subscribers , 50 likes , 50 Favorites and 10 comments . This activity is done by video marketing experts to make your promotional video highly popular and drive users to your mobile app .

Social media Boost :

– Social bookmarking : Social bookmarking sites like Digg , Stumbleupon , Reddit etc. are the destinations where a big chunk of web users hang around . Your app will be submitted to 600+ Social bookmarking sites with title and description  . This is done to create a social BUZZ for your app and to increase footprints and downloads .

– Pinterest marketing : Pinterest in one area we cant afford to miss out on ! We have seen the power of this first hand . Your app website will get 1000 likes , 1000 repins and comments on your pins . Your account will also get 1000 followers . Your website will get 150 Pinterest back links , 150 incoming from this authorized PR7 Social media site means a lot of SEO value to your site . Your app site will also get 200 Pins with Niche specific images that will go well to your site .

– Facebook marketing : There is no need to explain the benefits of Facebook marketing and the viral traffic this spectacular Social network is capable of giving .

We will post an interesting message about your website to a FB page with more than 340000 followers from across the world . The followers are all mixed type from business people to fashion folks . Consistently an average post is seen to attract 50,000 people in the community ( not counting the traffic from the friends of the community members ) . Your site is sure to harvest some serious traffic overnight !

– Twitter marketing : One other major Social media which is considered very authoritative and capable of driving referral traffic BIG TIME is Twitter . So why should we miss that out ?

This super cool Twitter service will give an amazing word of mouth attention to your apps website .
We will post your message 3 times in 2 days to a massive account that has over 243,000 followers who are active and come from English speaking countries . The users range from business people to Music lovers etc.  This service can get your website some overnight traffic and solid conversions .

Google +1 votes : We all know the importance Google gives for a social signal received from its proprietary social share button – the Google plus ( for obvious reasons ) , and the SEO Boost it delivers .

This fantastic service will give your app site guaranteed 201 Google +1 votes ( it may even tremendously exceed the number based on the votes given by the friends of the users virally ) . The votes come from active users across the globe and its 100% safe ethical method followed . What more , the users who visit your page will also see the popularity of the apps site with so many Google plus votes and move their mouse to vote !

Turbo app boost :

This is where we will get experienced mobile app marketing experts from around the globe to make your app popular ! The results of this app boosting campaigns are apart from the app downloads and installations that will pour in from the above iPhone app marketing activities .

In this campaign your app will guarantee get these boosts :

50 app installations every month from users around the world ( mostly US )

50 reviews of your app in the app store from users around the world ( mostly US )

50 ratings of your app in the app store from users around the world ( mostly US )


Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this iPhone app marketing service as a deal here are :

– There is a big need for a high quality and affordable iPhone app marketing service . Many iPhone app marketing companies tend to cost a lot for this service . So we have roped in the experts from different locations to get a superior service in place .

– Many customers have been long asking to bring in a good iPhone app marketing deal .

– This incredible deal will for sure help users to take their iPhone apps to the next level , which Gentle Ninja thinks will add a lot of value to people’s life’s !


What is iPhone app marketing ?

Like how ethical SEO is for Websites and how SMM is done on community sites , there is a complete set of professional TO DO tasks to be done for optimizing an iPhone app to get on top of search results in the iPhone app search . This professional activity of doing a series of essential steps to boost the downloads of iPhone apps is called as iPhone app marketing .

How long does it take to bring traction for an iPhone app ?

IPhone app marketing is a continues activity that needs to be done using ethical methods with high discipline to boost the downloads of iPhone apps in the app store . This entirely depends on the category of the iPhone app and the keyword that is targeted .

Why is this iPhone app marketing campaign done by experts across the globe ?

Many iPhone app marketing companies tend to do the marketing activities in house with a team heading by an expert . But this campaign is different . Each of the activity is done by an expert himself . We have roped in a couple of experts from different parts of the world to get the perfect blend .

Is there any guarantee is this iPhone app marketing service ?

Yes . Every month end you will be provided with extensive reports on the activities done and the conversions . If it doesn’t match the activities mentioned , there is a 100% money back guarantee .

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