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Prompt your iPhone app users to rate it

with this sleek app rater pro component . This powerful component helps in your iPhone app promotion getting your app the required ratings to get popular !


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You definitely need good ratings to get your iPhone app popular !

Three critical elements your iPhone app needs to get to the popular list are Downloads , Ratings and reviews . This cool and powerful iPhone app rater pro component takes care of the Ratings part for your app . What do you get in this deal ? – A iPhone app rater pro that works like a charm in your iPhone app promotion activities , by getting you the ratings your app requires . __________________________________________________________________________ Got any Queries ? shoot a mail to us: [email protected]

__________________________________________________________________________ How does this app rater work ? This incredible app rater is a sleek component that just slips in your existing app seamlessly and prompts the user to rate your app . App rater pro prompts the user to rate your app after he/she using it for a few days ( this duration can be configured as per will ) . It is designed to ask the user to rate after a few days as we know the user does like your app as he is using it again and again . Now a prompt to rate your app will definitely get your app a positive review ! App rater pro is extremely customizable and requires no setup at all . All you need to do is just include it in your app and it works like magic !

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App rater pro is a WOW component . It has got my app a lot of positive ratings and helped me in my iPhone app promotion ! ” – Jim Stanly Ratings are very crucial for apps to get popular , and App rater pro gives a great helping hand to achieve it . Thanks ! ” – Steve Beckly I have tried many iPhone app promotion activities . But installing App rater pro is the best activity I have ever done ” – Jennifer Wellington It just pops up at the right moment , making it compelling for the user to rate my app . Brilliant ! ” – Bruce Wilkinson .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this App rater pro as a deal are : – The component is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also  value customer relationship a lot . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass tool that helps in their iPhone app promotion activities and since this component seems to help , we decided to bring it in . – We ran through a variety of tools in the market and this App rater pro seemed to be  the best . – This App rater pro component can add a lot of value to the apps developed by users which the  Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life !


How is the support ? The support for this amazing App rater pro component is top notch and by experts . These guys  really love what they do and would love to interact with customers and hand held them in any support or help on this module . How is the updates handled ? The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime . How stable is the version ? The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version and works with the latest IOS versions . General questions : How can it be used for my iPhone app promotion ? As mentioned , for your iPhone app promotion to happen your app requires good ratings . App rater pro helps your app get the positive ratings thus helping you in your iPhone app promotion activities .

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