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Revolutionary ZEN iPhone app testing service

to get your iPhone app that flawless user experience and elegance . The most powerful iPhone app testing process followed by the BIG players in the market !


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Make your iPhone apps flawless by passing it through the powerful “ZEN” iPhone app testing process !

iphone 5 testing —————————————————————————————————————— What do you get in this killer deal ? – A 16 hours slot for testing your iPhone app using the celebrated ZEN app testing methodology ( worth 320 $ ) – End-to-end sophisticated reports on the test outcome . – Consulting on making your app look all the more elegant ( So it stays in users mind and gives them a snobbish feel using it ) . This is a unique outcome following the ZEN process to app testing ( worth 200$ ) – Various comparison metrics and insights on the top apps in your category , to get your app the added advantage over your competition . Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— What is the ZEN iPhone app testing process ? The ZEN iPhone app testing process is a strategic iPhone testing process followed inside some of the big Mobile app brands like ROVIO , ZYNGA etc. This process is a researched and developed process especially for mobile apps . Un-like the normal software testing process , this process is practiced with a certain set of rules written to test with a beginners mind ( The reason apps and games like Angry birds , Fruit Ninja etc. are perfect to the minute level and un-breakable ) . Check out more information about the ZEN iPhone app process from the FAQ section above . iPhone 5 testing

The ZEN iPhone app testing

Get your iPhone app the revolutionary new and improved testing process that will give you the required peace of mind . * This powerful testing process brings in a totally new mode of test environment for your mobile apps , which is entirely based on various mind sets of your target customers . * Apart from conducting the industry practiced testing standards , this process brings out the essential tips and consultation for getting your app popular . * Clear test cases are pre written understanding the goals of the app . A complete usability testing is done to check the commercial readiness of the app . Its coupled up with an end-to-end installation testing process to check the installation cycle and to make the process as smooth as possible . * Incorporated in the process is a strong Interrupt testing cycle that takes into account the various channels by which your users will be interrupted while using your app and the best ways that will get your app back to action after the interruption . Some of the interruptions taken into account are : – Incoming / Outgoing messages and Notifications – Calls – Un-expected removal of battery . – Possible interruptions on cable usage and data transfer – Range / Network outage & recovery – Power cycles ( On / Off ) etc. * The testing is done against the guidelines set by the IOS platform , so its a breeze to get the compliance certificate . * Various conditions are created ( Server side issues , Client side issues , Severe usage by several customers , low memory etc. ) to test the performance of the app . * Mobile devices are known for its low available resources . SO memory leakage tests are conducted to see the functioning of the app in extreme conditions . * Different bandwidth and channels of Voice and data connections are opened simultaneously using a laboratory environment to find the hurdles and the causes of performance hit .


The top 3 reasons for Gentle Ninja to choose this iPhone app testing service as a deal are :

– iPhone apps are making headlines and its totally changing the way users browse the web . Unlike the normal desktop or web apps , the apps inside iPhone needs to follow a totally new set of development standards and process . So its very essential to test every iPhone app professionally before submitting it to the store . – We spoke to a lot of vendors . But not much showed the intense love towards what they are doing . Everyone sounded monotonous . These folks seemed to be interesting with the ZEN approach to iPhone app testing and yes it seems to be of high quality and cost effective . – The testers doing this activity are experts in their fields and know the ins and outs of iPhone apps . Also they value customer relationship a lot!


* What is the ZEN approach to iPhone app testing ?

Apart from following the essential testing processes , this unique and powerful process is built using a beginners mind set . The process involves various critical steps and practices that gets your app tested inside out 360 degrees . There are various levels of pre defined mind sets the app is tested with . – The app is approached by testers from various entry points that depicts the typical user opening your app from different mind sets ( Blank mind set , Engaged mind set , Busy mind set etc. ) – The app is passed on to iPhone testers who have done testing to apps in different other categories . This helps in analyzing the ease of use of the app and ready state the app is in for a user to understand the where abouts instantly . – The ZEN approach to iPhone app testing involves a rigorous crash testing process to meddle with also the most un-important parts of the screen and the app ( this helps in creating new features to the app like discovering Easter eggs etc. ) – Testing starts from the level 0 ( Discovering various points of installation difficulties to recursively seeing updation process etc. ) and moves to extended levels of complexity . – The testing also involves defining appropriate color schemes for batch icons etc. so it captures the users mind set among other apps in the category .

* What other areas does the Zen iPhone testing process cover ?

As part of this unique testing process ,the iPhone app testers also follow these strict processes : – Unit testing – Load testing – Automation test – Stress testing – Usability testing – Functional testing – Performance testing – Regression testing – Automation test execution – Stress testing – Integration testing – Consulting

* What are the devices the iPhone app testers use ?

More than a tester , they are iPhone app experts . The iPhone app testers who will be testing your app are highly skilled and certified . Apart from doing automated testing , they use all the versions of iPhone ( including iPhone 5 and the latest iPad ) to test out your app end-to-end . The iPhone app testers here are updated with the latest industry trends and provide the best consulting for your iPhone app . More than just testing your app , they get involved in your app and enjoy the experience ( So can pull out even the tiny weenie bugs hidden deep inside )

* What is the difference between the ZEN approach and the practices followed by other iphone app testing companies ?

iPhone is an entirely different brand and user experience from other devices like the Android and Windows mobile . The elegance and experience are artistic in nature which can never be substituted . Most iPhone app testing companies employ the same testers for all the devices ! – it doesn’t work that way with the ZEN iPhone app testing process . Your apps will be tested by testers who are dedicated to the iPhone and take pride in using the iPhone and no other mobiles . The way they expect quality in your app is not what other testers expect . Be it an enterprise app or a fun app , they get into the mindset of the user and explore your app with style and perfection . With the Zen approach your app will be analyzed from various angles , leaving no slippage for any bugs . The process gets each step passed on to a expert to make ready the consultation tips and strategies . The outcome is a beautiful app that users will love to use and share .

Do you also do iPhone  5 testing ?

Yes . Our iPhone app testers are equipped with the latest iPhone 5 devices . General questions :

* What is the difference between a iPhone5 tester and a normal iPhone tester ?

We have been hearing this question off late from many !  The irony is , there is no difference between a iPhone5 tester and a normal tester . All iPhone5 testers are also equipped with all the versions of the iPhone and the iPad .

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