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It’s time you started your own troll comic with this

Get started with your own rage comic with this meme Vector pack.


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  Ah! The Rage Comic season. You’ve watched it pop up all over the internet an is quite infectious like flu. and Rage guy troll cracks you up every time you see one.  Honestly, how many times have you felt “Damn!, i wanna make one too” ? or I want to start a comic strip of Rage Trolls..? Quite a lot of times… but you don’t know where to start? that’s okay… We’re are going to help you out. The FFFFFFUUUU Vector Pack contains high quality SVG vector images for you to edit and make comics with the help of it. This makes it easier for you to start making comics by adding a few captions and merging a few troll images into a single template and combining it into a rage troll comic. Instead of creating images from scratch. Cool huh? So let your creative side take over and press out a few comics. Why do you need to make Rage troll comic? It’s more of a want than need. Rage comics let you express your point of view in a funny manner. Humor reaches faster than a serious message.  It can make you look cooler among your peers. You have a blog and you want regular visitors to have a nice time reading your blog, a few trolls would be an added attraction. Oh hey, Something funny can give you more new and returning visitors to your site too. You can use it on PC, Linux, MAC too.    


Let’s face it.. even i wanted to create a comic, actually the Troll one. I was puzzled at how people draw the similar image every time they make a comic, till i realized that this was like a template. Felt a little dumb at that point and then stumbled upon this wonderful pack of Vector SVG images which offers you the memes to create a great troll comic. You just need to add your witty captions to it and merge it with the rest of the image. Easy huh? and it also is in the Vector format which is more convenient for you to work with. Happy Trolling   -Geek Ninja Neo


Why format is it in? It’s in SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) format. Why SVG and no PNG? SVG is of more higher quality than png when it is resized, an SVG image remains the same while a Png loses its quality. What kind of  image editing software can i use to make my comic strip with these images? Image editors like Gimp, Photoshop etc.. can be used. Does it work on Mac? Yep, it does on Mac, PC, Linux and any other OS platform which supports SVG.  

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