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A guide to write better ebooks for Kindle publishing

A brilliant new ebook from Aemilia Abrahams on writing better books for Kindle publishing !


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Kindle publishing is an easy and profitable job since the inception of the era of ebooks and its the trend . Writing ebooks for kindle publishing may not always be everyone’s’ cup of coffee – but if mastered can bring in the buck rolling ! The author has explained everything she has learn’t to develop frameworks to help her in the writing process  This fantastic new FREE ebook shows you exactly how to write an ebook for publishing on Kindle and the strategies to build a character in your eBook that will hook the readers and make them love it ! Starting of with the bare basics on how to develop a character in your story and making a table to fit in any small detail about your character ie  the degree , what tattoo , what piercing , hairstyle etc  your character has , the author makes sure you pay attention to every detail in your main character that leads book – so it is registered in the readers mind . By adding more and more details to your main character and building up the story around him/her , you give your reader a clearer picture of the character ( The reason for many eBooks to be loved by readers ) . The author then moves on by telling us that mind-mapping would be an efficient method to keep track of how other characters in the book are related to the main character and the relationships that are formed etc . Next , is how to choose the right names for your characters and how to make sure you don’t pick regular cliche names and even shares how she herself does research on how she picks names according to the type of character she has by researching specific cultures her characters are a part of . By doing this , she maintains a sense of originality in her plots and books ( Now you should know how the Twilight characters get registered in the readers mind ) The author then ends by including a list of websites she generally refers to when she writes her books (links to English Idioms etc.) Through out the entire ebook  the author continues to share personal writing tips and always manages to keep the reader glued till the end . This for sure an interesting way to make an easy profit and making your character the readers dream .This ebook shows you exactly how to write and publish on Kindle and attract the millions of Kindle audience spending money on downloading eBooks from Kindle .


Short and sweet , and gets write down to the point , this ebook is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to write better story lines or develop better characters or anything else related to writing novels and publishing on Kindle  . A definite value addition for people looking out to start of their Kindle career !


WOW this is cool – I need more information in Kindle publishing !

Your welcome . Feel free to check out more cool free stuff about Kindle HERE  and HERE

Is making a Kindle account free of charge ?

Yes ! It is absolutely free . By setting up an Amazon account , you are immediately eligible to go online on Kindle and publish books with the same account .

Where do I get more tips for writing books and self – publishing ?

Who is the author behind this amazing guide ?

Aemilia is the woman behind this amazing eBook . She has given away the frameworks she has employed through out her writing career . Lets thank her for the generous offer !  

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