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Don’t depend on a designer, Be your own designer

Delve Into The World Of A 12 Year Graphic Design Professional And DISCOVER Just How Easily You Can Create Your Own STUNNING Graphics And AMAZING Artwork With This Super-Simple Guide!


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  It can be really hard at times trying to find a good designer to make a cover, album art, product artwork, or even an eBook  cover. Isn’t It Time You Complimented Your Own Awesome Products With The Fantastic Designs They Deserve?  Every day, numerous people are looking to outsource their design work to compliment their products. Some people tend to struggle upon creating their own designs using a platform they’re uncomfortable with while others will simply dismiss the design aspect altogether just because it’s “too costly” or “more trouble than it’s worth!” So just how important is a good design? Well truthfully, we still live in a time where the most decorated cover is the one which gets noticed first. And few products can be marketed to the masses without a quality package. Every Great Info-Product Requires A Great Package! Every Great Book Needs A Great Cover! Do you often wish you could design your own eye-catching eBook covers and Sales Letter graphics? Do you have a desire to learn basic design fundamentals? Do you wish you could get a grasp of how the Pros whom you’ve outsourced your work to are able to put together such splendid artwork? This book by Ranjit Binning will walk you through every step of the way how it’s done with  simple, step-by-step guide…

You Will Learn:

* The essential tools used by Professional Designers for designing the most amazing eCovers ever seen.
* How to create everything from concept to print with a thorough understanding of all the fundamentals in getting your work to look like a truly Professional job! * A real hands-on approach with work files included to help bring out the creative flair in you which you never thought you had! By the end of this guide, you will not only have far more confidence with Photoshop, but you will be chomping at the bit to design your own fantastic artwork which you never believed you were capable of!

The Value:

You will be receiving a complete step-by-step tutorial with real samples included which will have your creative juices flowing as you dive into the world of Design! Some of the topics we’ll be exploring in detail include: * Designing an eBook Cover * Fitting your eBook Cover into a Template * Creating a reflection for your eBook * Developing a Header and Footer * Designing a Paypal Button and more… So what is the VALUE of this guide? My promise to you is that once you’ve read this guide and become familiar with the techniques involved, you will think to yourself “Wow, I can’t believe how easy this is, maybe I CAN do this design stuff after all!!!” This Generous offer has been made by: Ranjit Binning (Hanz ) —————————————————————————————————————— Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] ——————————————————————————————————————  


Designers, well most of them are quite expensive. You can’t expect to go to them for smaller projects.  Instead what do you do? Design them yourself. If you are looking to make a great impact with your cover design or whatever you are planing to design, this book is for you. Here’s why we chose this book. – 12 years of Design experience poured into a book. – Step by step approach. – Design concepts and tools explained – A real Hands on approach.   – Geek Ninja Neo Eat Oats  | Code Longer  


What will i learn from this book? You’ll learn to : – Design an eBook Cover –  Fit your eBook Cover into a Template –  Create a reflection for your eBook –  Develop a Header and a Footer – Design a Paypal Button and more… Will this guide really help me? Yes. A lot of people who have Used it. Have Personally told Mr.Ranjit Binning (Hanz ) that it has helped them. What level does it teach me? Somewhere between Basic and intermediate. Remember this book helps you to get started by helping you shed initial inhibitions in designing covers graphic buttons and a lot more.  Once you know the tricks of the trade from this book sky is the limit. Who wrote this Tutorial/ebook? Ranjit Binning (Hanz) of has written this wonderful book and was kind enough to share his knowledge with the world.  

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