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Legal Document template for on-demand business

Ironclad Legal protection for your business. Legal framework document template for your online multi-service platform.


Integration Time

30 minutes

Saves You

60 Hours


Protect your interests legally and


from unforeseen circumstances

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What do you get?

– An easy to edit legal template for your on-demand business that offers multiple services across the world.

– Legal framework whetted by Top law firms across multiple continents who have been helping startups with legal services for 10+ years.

– Structured and well laid out sections and indicators that you have to just change and publish.

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TOP 3 Reasons for you to get this Legal document template?

– Running a multiple service business that relies heavily on both service providers (example: spa professionals, restaurants, handyman services, etc..) and delivery partners requires that you protect your business interests from all the unpleasant scenarios that may arise due to negligence on the part of a delivery partner or the service provider.

– The legal document is drafted in a way such that it respects everyone’s best interest while offering legal security to the platform as a whole and the company operating it. 

– Whether you are running a multiple services marketplace like GO-JEK or Food delivery platform like UberEats or a cab hailing service like Uber where a lot of third party service providers are involved, this document can save you the Time & Money and legal fees required to draft a document of this scale.



Indemnity clause protects the company and asserts that the customer will not hold the platform and the company liable beyond a scope for any losses that may occur because of the service provider’s negligence.


The platform protection clause is important to safeguard the platform from any Intellectual property theft may occur. 


Privacy is of utmost importance, you should by all means make necessary arrangements to safeguard the user’s data. But in the event of a security breach that, the document clearly mentions the steps that would be taken. You can either use it as it is or add more to it.  


Protect your service partners from consumer / competitor harassment, a well defined abuse policy can help them run their business smoothly while maintaining their dignity. 


Specifically mentions the jurisdiction where any disputes would be held, and the other criteria along with it.


A minimum service guarantee that a user can expect from the platform and the measures that would be taken to redress their grievance.

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I want to add more clauses to this legal document, can your lawyers help?

Sure, our legal experts can help you draft a version that is unique to your business as well. While legal document covers most common scenarios, You can add more teeth to your legal framework by adding terms and conditions with more conditions for your service partners, delivery partners and users in order to provide the best service possible.

Can I generic legal template for online businesses instead of this legal template for online delivery business?

A general online business legal template would only cover fewer conditions, whereas, this document covers partner protection, platform protection and other detail oriented legal clauses that takes into account various modern scenarios 

Would this legal template apply to a business registered in my country?

Yes it would. No matter where you run your business, the legal template has covered most possible scenarios that any law would cover and protect. If your country has specific requirements that need to be added to the terms of service documentation, you can add those by consulting a legal expert in your country. 

Can I draft a legal document completely from scratch? Can you help?

 Absolutely, however, do check with us before ordering as we only take up orders for the countries that have expertise drafting the said documents.

Why isn’t the insurance clause added?

We haven’t added the insurance clause as most businesses do not offer insurance liability to it’s users or partners. Also, insurance documentation requires a separate legal consultation with the insurance agency to know how you can get the coverage for your users or partners that use your platform.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


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