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Register your BRAND in peoples MIND with a THUMBS UP !

This creative service will for sure make your visitors and users love you . It can be used for a variety of promotional activities .


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Celebrated by 110+  Happy & Successful customers !

Get your Logo or Message a THUMBS UP by getting it portrayed on Hand !

People love variety and in today’s world you definitely need to engage your customers with a creative approach , that will embark your brand in their mind ! So Today we have decided to give your BRAND a thumbs up – a REAL THUMBS UP 🙂 

What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– Your Logo will be Drawn on Hand and given a THUMBS UP ( as seen in the picture ) – If you don’t have a Logo , Your Caption -or- text upto 10 words can be written . – You can opt to add a custom image on the background of the hand . – You can opt to make the background transparent and add text around the hand . – You will receive a HIGH RES image as the deliverable ( 2048 x 1536px big ) – You will also receive a PSD format with the Hand , Shadow and Background as separate layers .

Here are a few tips on how you can use this incredible service :

– As a sign of TRUST on your website . – To attach in News letters and promotional messages . – On Flyers , Banners , Ads – You can WOW your clients by making them one for their business . – On your Facebook Fan page to ask for LIKES !  ….. and in many more innovative ways 🙂


Top 2 reasons to have this innovative service as a deal are : – Its sleek , cute and will for sure give your business a cool look and feel . – Such creative stuff needs to be done to register your brand in peoples mind .


Can I get two THUMBS UP ?

Yeah can be done . You will get two hands with drawings on each of them in one picture .

How is it done ?

Its real drawing done by real artists and then processed to give effects . A lot of effort is being put in each creation to make it crystal clear and professional . The drawing will be done to stand out from the skin , so the colors black, red, dark blue, cyan, green and orange will be used in a unique combination .

Will I get the source file of the design ?

Yes , you will get the PSD file with different layers .

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