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Magento one step checkout to power pack your online store

Use this amazing Magento one page checkout extension to get your users pay effortlessly on just a CLICK !


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If you are a frequent online shopper , you must know the pain of the checkout process each time you need to go through . A research says that a good percentage of users abandon their checkout process midway due to the un-wanted complexity involved in purchasing an item ! You surely don’t want this to happen in your store … Just imagine a crisp checkout process where your customers can pay in a snap ! Now that is what brings those quick dollars in your account and increase your sales figures tremendously !

The world is changing to a simple and clear one step checkout process – Don’t compromise , get this in your online store immediately !

Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— What do we have in store for you today ? Gentle Ninja has been getting continues requests from hungry site owners for a fantastic deal on a quality Magento One step checkout extension. Yup we understood your problem and went out to search for the best of the best extension available on the web and bring it to you at an amazing price .Following are the strict conditions the Ninja had in mind when choosing the product : – Is the product of high quality ? Is it time tested with some of the Highest traffic online stores ? – Apart from the product as such , how much effort has been put by the developers on adding more innovative value to the product ( extra features than the competitors ) ? – How good are the developers in response and customer support ? – How much knowledge & experience the developers have in Magento and the online shopping vertical ? – And the most important of all , How much of a discount can they give to our users ? Running through a variety of providers in the market we finally hit upon one provider who really knows what they are doing and who really have the heart to offer such an incredible product at a steep discount ! Yes Magento One step checkout is one product of its kind which will truly add tremendous value to your site users .It reduces the painful 6 step checkout process you make payment a breeze ! The folks who have developed this have used strict industry standards when constructing this amazing extension , to make it truly high performing even at un-expected traffic spikes . Top 3 reason you need to consider this Magento One step checkout extension : – Its power packed with all the essential features ( All those must have features in One step checkout extension ) – Its deliberately made to be so user friendly that you can install in a snap ( But these guys are also too good to provide you with a FREE installation ) – Integrated with all viral APIs and the famous “Light fast” extension . And here is a complete list of features you get with this incredible extension : General features : – Loaded with multi language support . – Improved GeoIP support : It auto detects your customers country and city – Has support to the default Magento Gifting options . – Option to add multiple products to the shopping cart and checkout in one step . – Has a seamless Ajax popup for login and forgot password ( No more separate page loads ) – You have the power to choose where the checkout page needs to be . Either in the product page inself ( Below ) , or on a separate page . – Your customers can get their default shipping and payment methods auto selected at checkout – Your customers can also subscribe to your Newsletters from the check out page ( Its gonna even make your sales surge even more ) – Has option to collect your customers comment before placing an order . – Provision to provide your “TOC” at the point of checkout . Product features : – Has an intelligent auto-update feature which saves time while updating the usual fields when checking out ( this is really a pain point in most online stores ) – This powerful extension also updates shipping rates automatically when your buyers target a State , City , Country or Zip code . – Customers get an option to enter a promotion code or a coupon code on the checkout page and avail discounts . – Has a sleek address book to save addresses and use during checkout( Makes life even more simple ) – Provision for buyers to register easily on the checkout page directly . – Also has this most desired option of online shoppers : Purchase as a guest ! Admin features : – You have provisions to enable / disable the discount coupons feature . – User friendly options to easily edit checkout title , description and “Terms & Conditions ” . – And also control all the fields like Company , Country , Telephone etc. – Options available to easily disable / enable the Onstepcheckout extension , so it changes back to the normal checkout process . – Also has provisions to enable / Disable Comments and the Geo IP feature . – Options to easily set default payment and shipping methods . – Powerful options to customize the design of the extension ( Has separate CSS and layout form )


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this Magento one step checkout extension as a deal are : – The script is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a real good Magento one step checkout extension . – We ran through a variety of Magento extensions in the market and this seemed the best . – This Magento one step checkout extension is module that will help in sales , which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


How is the support for this incredible Magento one step checkout extension ?

The support for this extension is top notch and by experts . You will be given exclusive access to user friendly documentation for the product .

How is the updates handled for this Magento one step checkout extension ?

The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime .

How stable is this version Magento one step checkout ?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version . It is compatible with Magento 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7 also .

How much domains can this Magento onestepcheckout extension be installed in ?

Each product can be installed in one domain . You are welcome to purchase extra licenses at a steep discount .

How easy is it to integrate Magento one step checkout ?

In general doing a Magento one step checkout takes a lot of programming and testing time . But when you use pre-built and pre-tested Magento extension , the solution is ready made for you and can be done in a snap .

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