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Incredible Magento email extension to deliver your mails using the Elastic email service !

Send out your emails and have the peace of mind its delivered with this Magento email extension .


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In a nutshell Elastic Email is a simple, fast email delivery service for your cloud application or marketing needs.  You can more details about this service HERE This incredible product is from APPTHA.COM This incredible Magento email extension service allows you to send e-mails directly on the internet through the elastic e-mail server instead of routing it through your websites SMTP server ! Some amazing features power packed with this Magento email extension are : – Ability to send email’s to single recipients or a group of recipients . – Power to attach any media files to your email . – This awesome Magento email extension also gets you the status of a every email transaction including delivery report. – The Magento email extension is integrated with your Elastic email account so you get to know the credit left over in your account. – Also integrated in this Magento email extension are options to receive reports on email addresses  that no longer can be reached so they can be removed from your list . plus a suite of other great features ! Magento email extension Magento email extension is a boon to use on cloud-hosted websites . Some cloud services , i.e , their IP address ranges are blacklisted by anti-spam services because of the high volumes of spam sent from their servers – and the solution to the issue is to safely use Elastic email for your delivery . Also , while some servers have restrictions on outgoing ports, i.e. SMTP , this Magento email extension uses a REST-style API over HTTPS giving you the peace of mind that your e-mails are delivered 100% with all reports . One other killer feature that makes this product absolutely brilliant , is the plug ‘N’ play nature .Setting up this this Magento email extension is a breeze ! What more ? This is FREE !    


Amazing simplicity with setup and powerful features to land your emails in your recipients inbox makes this sleek Magento email extension a charm . We definitely love this product !


Who are the people behind this incredible Magento email extension ?

This fantastic and essential product is from APPTHA.COM – the makers of high quality products .

What is this Magento email extension for ?

Elastic Email is an amazing new mail relay service for Magneto powered sites . It is a very useful extension for cloud-hosted websites.That is, instead of your website sending mail via its own SMTP server, outgoing email is directed through the Elastic Email service and out onto the internet.

What is the list of versions this Magento email extension is compatible with ?

It is compatible with Magento 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

Can I install this in more than one domain ?

Yes !  You can install this in more than one domain.

Where can I look for any technical answers ?

Please visit the APPTHA.COM forum for technical answers. If you don’t find the answers you can post your questions there for others to answer your queries .

Will I be eligible for all future updates ?

Yes ! You are eligible to install the latest version from the website .

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