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A sleek and elegant Magento price countdown timer

Remind your customer how much longer he has to purchase your products online , the Magento Countdown Timer is the perfect choice !


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Easy to install and absolutely FREE , this Magneto Price Countdown Timer is for sure a very useful extension for your store ! Magento price countdown timer So what are the features you get with this Magento countdown timer ? – You can display it in your product pages as well as catalogs . – The heading & caption of this Magento countdown timer can be shown or hidden . – Has options for you to add custom title to the timer . – Enabling and disabling the timer can be done in a jiffy . What is a Magento countdown timer ?

With daily deals site like Groupon , Livingsocial etc. hitting the roads mainstream , eCommerce has been redefined . Your users love deals or offers that come Special – and obviously a special offer has a time limit , within which it should be purchased or it expires !  Now how do you show the time ticking away before the special offer expires ?

That’s where this sleek Magento countdown timer comes into picture . With tons of options to tune your timer , now you can easily set the dates to roll by on the products you have offers on .

This incredible Magento price countdown timer allows you to display a special price at which the product will be available and how long the offer will last , by having counters for the Days , Hours , Minutes and Seconds.

Easy to install and with the new settings such as “immediate editing” of your headings and titles and options to make changes in the color schemes of the timers etc. it allows you to keep your special offers HOT at the first look !

This incredible Magento price countdown timer comes with an end-to-end user manual  to make your job even easier .

Go get your Magento price countdown timer extension for FREE right away and give that extra power to your sales pages .


Classy in looks , easy to install , interchangeable settings allowing you to switch color schemes , you have everything you need to a timer to your product offers . An amazing release and Gentle Ninja approved !


Who are the people behind this incredible Magento countdown timer ?

This amazing Magento price countdown timer has been developed by the experts at and they have given it free to the community .

If I have any problem with the installation how can I fix it ?

With the amazing and fully stocked User guide , it will help you through any trouble should you come across any during , or even after your installation process .

Will I be able to disable the Magneto Price Countdown Timer and enable it back again for the same product ?

Yes, You absolutely can ! Even though you might have to rewire the timing , the timer can be used again and again for the same product .  

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