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Did you know there is a separate crowd making HUGE money in the movie vertical ?

( Please take 2 mins & read this post to understand the concept )

How do you make money with movies ? – Everyone knows that whenever a movie is released people search like MAD ( Recent example : ” Watch the dark knight online ” was the weeks Google’s top trend when the movie released . If you do a keyword research , even after so many months there is a consistent 8000+ searches for the keyword ! ) > So what ? If your MOVIE SITE comes on top in searches – This traffic can bring in HUGE MONEY ! –  When a user comes to the site , it will have an affiliate DOWNLOAD link , clicking on which you get flat 18$ !!

– Apart from that you also have the ADSENSE revenue . – A single movie site will keep earning you money for 1 full year , as people keep searching for it all along & even after that ( You know the movie crowd .  Inception is still searched online and watched ! ) > How does this mechanism works ? – Users who search and come to the page are very desperate to watch the movie . – Legal movie streaming sites ( from where you get the DOWNLOAD affiliate button ) like Netflix , Block buster , Ireel etc. ask them their card details ( which is not charged for the first 1 month – but for verification purpose ) . Once the card details are entered , you get your commission – SIMPLE but TRUE ! What is in it for the movie streaming sites ? There is a science behind this . When an interested person keys in his CARD details – he gets the service FREE for 1 full month . After which 90% of the people PAY & SUBSCRIBE to the service ( to keep watching movies on demand ) . So this where the movie streaming sites make their money . ___________________________________________________________________________ What do you get in this killer deal ? * This service is done by experts who know this vertical in & out . * They will choose an appropriate KEYWORD ( Domain name ) for you , for an upcoming movie . * You will get an elegant SEO strong site built on a high converting WORDPRESS template . This includes : – 6 posts with articles with Banners,pictures etc. ( Each post will be targetted towards a keyword Eg : iron man 3 trailer ) – A facebook page for the movie ( with 2000 fans to start of with ) – The template will have slots to have your ADs and affiliate links etc. ( as seen in the Demo site ) – An attention grabber plugin to redirect users to specific posts ( as seen on the top of this screen ) * One month SEO to push your site on top of searches for the target keyword . ___________________________________________________________________________ Here is a proof of the earnings from a movie released a couple of months back : Make money blogging Make money blogging Make money blogging So – what yo say ? Sounds interesting ? Well you need to definitely try it out to know how awesome it is . Go on GRAB the deal !


Top 3 reasons we chose to have this interesting deal are :

– We are always interested in introducing intelligent money money making techniques to our users . – When these experts bought us this idea , it was fascinating . After verifying their credibility and seeing proof of their previous work , we decided to bring this deal in . Moreover these friendly folks who are gonna do this work for you value customer relationship a lot and are extremely experienced & helpful . – We see this deal can create a nice recurring revenue stream for people , which we think is COOL !


Can I choose the movie I prefer ?

Yes you can . But however the experts will consult with you on the PRO’s and CON’s of choosing the movie before finalizing it . Will I own the domain ? Yes the domain will be owned by you .

How big is this movie market ? How about the competition ?

Believe us there is room for everyone here . We have seen good traffic/conversions for sites even in the 5th page . There are millions and millions searching for every movie released , and even a 100 sites for the same movie makes money . Apart from the target keywords , there is huge opportunity for long tail keywords too related to shows , pictures, plot, story , Trailer etc. We will cover all this related long-tail keywords also in your site . Is this legal ? This is completely 100% legal . The Affiliate BUTTONS we will be putting up there are from LEGAL MOVIE STREAMING sites like IREEL , NETFLIX , BLOCK BUSTER etc. They are approved in the Google Affiliate network and even BIG sites like Yahoo movies use them .

Who will be working on my site ?

We have roped in 10 experts who have done this again and again . They will work on your site end-to-end ( From consulting , Keyword analysis , Domain name selection to Site creation , setting up , SEO etc. ) . These friendly folks will coordinate with you through you and clarify any questions you have .

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