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With this incredible Mobile app marketing eBook , discover the techniques to sky rocket your mobile app sales – for FREE !


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Believe it or not – Mobile apps are the future of the web . Yes – surveys from big time M&A players to local analysts , everybody agree to the fact . Here are some crisp stats to support it : – The Apple store has 585,000 apps inside ( with near 1000+ apps being submitted daily ) . – The Android store has 450,000 apps. – The Windows phone marketplace has 82,234+ apps inside . – There has been 25 billion+ apps downloaded form the Apple store . – 10 billion+ apps downloaded from the Android store . – 217 million+ apps downloaded from the Windows phone marketplace . – The revenue from the sale of apps , in-app purchases and subscriptions across all smart phones and tablets has been 7.3 billion $ in 2011 . – The revenue is predicted to be a whooping 36.7 billion $ in 2015 ! With such colorful & lucrative numbers , for sure the web and browsing habits of users worldwide are taking a sharp curve . iPhone app marketing company

Stats apart , what is covered in this mobile app marketing ebook ?

Developing a mobile app has become an easy job these days with so much talent available . But the big questions are – How are you gonna make your mobile app popular among a big pile of so much apps ? – How are you going to get the users notice your app among such clutter ? – What are the ingenious techniques you are going to employ to get your users rate and review your mobile app ? and many more ! These questions cant be ignored as the other app owners are already finding solutions for their apps and the competition is getting all the more stiffer ! Dont fear – the Gentle Ninja is here ! To give you a head start on making your mobile app get the required attention and on the go become viral , we got experts to write down a crisp guide on the essentials of Mobile app marketing . The ebook gives a quick run through on the following topics : – A proven strategy to create a mobile app marketing plan . – Must have components in the plan and clever mobile app marketing strategies . – Tips on getting continues user engagement which self helps on marketing a mobile app . – Essential iPad and iPhone app marketing activities . – Killer pricing techniques and promotions that reduces mobile apps marketing effort . – Ways to implement your mobile app marketing plan . – Tracking results and measuring your mobile app marketing ROI . – Effective ways to manage your app marketing activities . What more ? This professional mobile app marketing eBook is FREE . So check it out and implement some these required mobile app marketing strategies and make your app popular 🙂


Top 4 reasons we have this, mobile app marketing eBook as a FREE deal here :

– Mobile apps are the future and marketing a mobile app is still a myth to many . – Users have been continually asking for a good mobile app marketing strategies . – Due to the complexity of marketing a mobile app , it has become a costly job . So this eBook would help people to get it done in a cost effective manner . – This mobile app marketing eBook will for sure create a positive impact on the rankings of mobile apps , which will for sure help a lot of people !


What is Mobile app marketing ?

Marketing is done to get conversions . Like any other marketing ( SEO , SMM , SEM etc. ) professional marketing needs to be done for mobile apps for it to be noticed and used by users . Due to the heavy competition and huge count of mobile apps present in the stores , some serious mobile app marketing needs to be done get a mobile app noticed .

Who is the author of this mobile apps marketing eBook ?

The eBook has been researched and written by consulting various experts in the field of Mobile app marketing . A lot of advice and game plan has been discussed with big mobile app marketing companies and the points have been bought inside the book in a crisp manner . Most of the mobile app marketing services mentioned in the book are practiced by some of the best mobile app marketing companies .

Can the mobile app marketing strategy discussed in the book be used for Android app marketing as well ?

Yes the mobile app marketing strategies discussed in the eBook can be used for Android app marketingiPhone app marketing and Windows phone app marketing as well .

Looks good , but I have no time to implement these strategies . Can it be outsourced ?

Marketing a mobile app can sometimes be a tedious job . Yes – while you concentrate on innovating your apps , you can outsource the mobile app marketing plan to companies and agencies that do it well . You can use this eBook as a check list to see if the activities are followed .

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