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Build a mobile website or blog on the fly !

Don’t loose out on the huge chunk of users browsing on the mobile – Get your website mobile optimized today



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You got an awesome website ! – Good
Is it mobile friendly ? – NO ? … its really Bad !

Day-by-day the mobile revolution is picking up and your visitors are browsing the internet over the mobile . More people use Google on the mobile – will your site open up to be mobile friendly ?


If you are a developer , this offer is going be the treasure of your life ! You very well know that customers are ready to pay near 1000$ for a mobile website . Use this crazy deal and get an account to do un-limited number of websites for lifetime ( Guess you have already started doing the math on the insane amount of money your gonna make soon )

Why mobile websites ?

Well known fact : Mobile browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing by 2014 ( its a stats report that nearly all the big M&R firms have given ) .

Recent report : About 40% of people have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience on the original company’s site – well you don’t want this happen for sure !

With more and more people using mobile devices to access everything, it’s important for companies to have an affordable mobile solution .

But how can you get your mobile website ready ?

Dont fear – the Gentle Ninja is here !
We set out to search for the a super awesome mobile service that would meet the following criteria :

– Help a website get mobile friendly in just a couple of minutes .
– Should be super user friendly ( Architected in a manner that even a grandma can create a mobile site on her own ) .
– The mobile site created should be of very high quality .
– The package should encapsulate everything ( including hosting )
– The support should be superior and un-limited .
– Should be really cost effective , with no strings attached .
– Should not be charging the user for different things on the go . Should give users a lifetime account with everything un-limited at a very economical price .
– And the most important , should give it at a very special price for Gentle Ninja users .

Running through different services and speaking to different folks we narrowed down to a few services that met our criteria . But the service that stood out among the selected few was Moably .

What is Moably ?

Moably is a super-awesome mobile technology company. Their sole mission is to mobilize the world’s content, while making it fun and easy to do .You create impressive mobile sites easily using this awesome solution without having to know how to code – now that is something !

Check out this video ( See for yourself how a Mobile website is created in a few minutes )

So what do you get with in this killer offer ?

The kind folks at Moably have agreed to give a LIFE TIME DEV account to the first 50 users of Gentle Ninja at a ridiculous steep discount . In this incredible package , you get :

– Unlimited web hosting
– Unlimited mobile websites !
– Unlimited mobile pages
– Options to also can add Custom HTML
– Its totally Ad Free
– You can use your own URL ( Its highly SEO friendly )
– Multiple locations
– Options for multiple RSS feeds
– View full site button
– Has Custom page transitions.

What do other customers have to say about Moably ?

“Moably rocks! It’s ridiculously simple to create a slick-looking mobile-friendly website to add to your existing site.”

“Moably just saved me about $1,500 in aspirin. Point, click, set a few options, copy and paste the code, and your mobile site is up and running fast.”

“I sign up for a ton of services… and the ones I end up using long term are the ones where the support is awesome.  They’re definitely doing that @ Moably.”


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this remarkable Mobile website builder as a deal are

– Moably is extremely user friendly . Anyone without any coding knowledge can setup a mobile site in a couple of minutes
– The folks at Moably are friendly and value customer relationship a lot !
– The solution provided is an end-to-end solution which also takes care of hosting .
– and we think that a Mobile site is required for every website ( so you don’t loose that huge chunk of mobile traffic ) . More traffic = more sales . So we see Moably add a lot of value to people’s life !


How easy is it to create a mobile website using Moably ?

Its just a 5 step process :

– Log into Moably and enter some basic info such as your name, website URL, and some key data like what your site is used for and some meta keywords.
– Choose a style – Upload a logo, set your font, and pick your background colors
– Add features – You can add a click-to-call button, a link to your blog, offer directions to your store or office with a map, add a gallery, and link up your social sites
– Add and edit pages
– Download code – Copy and paste the generated code to your website and automatically redirect anyone using a Smartphone to your freshly developed mobile site.

That’s it!

Also check out this video , to see how quickly a website is created :

Can I see working Mobile site in action ?

Yup . Just click the ” Check out the Demo ” button above .
Note : You should view the demo on your mobile ( as its a mobile website )

Also see some more Demos here ( click on image to see Demo ) :

Are the mobile websites SEO friendly ?

Yup – every site you build using Moably is extremely optimized for Mobile SEO . All the Meta tags can be configured . Also has RSS feeds .

Can I add a shopping cart to my mobile site ?

Yes the service is integrated with Shopify API’s . You can easily create a shopping cart using Moably on the mobile .

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