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Making mobile transactions easier,with the Magento Smoovpay Extension .

Mobile payments just got even easier and safer  with the Magento Smoovpay Extension – an essential mobile Magento payment gateway


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Smoovpay has long been a pioneer in online mobile payment services  and their products always ensures a mobile friendly method of online payment , and ensures smooth and secure transactions . And it certainly proves to be a comprehensive solution in online payment. This incredible mobile Magento payment gateway is from Magento payment gateway Despite the growth of the mobile Internet, one fundamental truth remains, regardless of whether the platform is a mobile device, tablet or computer, online customer experience is still fraught with issues. But with the new Magento Smoovpay Extension , Mobile payments are a breeze ! Allowing quick transactions and keeping all details of your account safe , the Magento Smoovpay Extension is an excellent new plugin to add to your website !

Features of the Magento Smoovpay Extension :

-Compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.4.x and 1.5.x. -Multi-languages supported. -Easy and quick installation. Even if you download and old version of this extension , Magento allows users to use their product keys to download newer versions of extensions they have already installed. This FREE download comes with an installation guide that takes you step by step through the process of setting up the extension on your website .


Ensuring safety in transaction and easy installation is why we love this product ! Using this incredible extension , you can easily integrate a Magento payment gateway for your mobile users .


What is this extension for ?

This extension Consists of Singapore Payment Gateway. You and your users get a mobile-friendly experience with our payment gateway; ensuring a smooth and secured transaction for payment on the go! Smoovpay is also available in regular web versions too. Easy configuration with multi-language support. Now your mobile Magento payment gateway is just a click away !

Can I install this in more than one domain ?

No, you will be able to install this in only ONE domain. But If you already purchased one license you can always contact us for special discount on second purchase .

Where can I get the answers to any technical questions I might have ?

Yes . you can get all your questions clarified in the Smoovpay tech forum here

Will I be eligible for all future updates ?

Yep, you are eligible to install the latest version for lifetime .

Why is a mobile Magento payment gateway required ?

Magento is all about eCommerce . With the raising trend of the mobile browsing , it has become a mandatory requirement for online stores to have a easy way for users to pay via. their mobile devices . Smoovpay is a Singapore based payment gateway that has been integrated with Magento to give you a seamless mobile Magento payment gateway .

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