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Netflix Clone Script to Start An On-demand Internet Streaming Site Instantly.

Netflix clone script Includes web portal and Android app for your audience.


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Start a Powerful Video On Demand site with this powerful

NetFlix clone script



Please check the ADMIN PANEL Demo too.


What do you get in this incredible deal?

– An amazing Netflix clone script   ( worth $100)

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the top Video On-demand Content streaming platform. Videos can be streamed through an internet connection on various devices. Users can watch Movies & TV Shows Online or Stream right to your TV, XBOX, Playstation or mobile devices. Netflix charges users a monthly subscription fee of $12.99 for its streaming services.

Using this Netflix Clone script you can start a similar Video-On-Demand streaming platform REAL FAST.


Top 3 reasons to have this incredible Netflix clone script as a deal here are :

– Many have been asking us for a well-refined on-demand video streaming website script and we found the best one we could. Made by French developers who have mastered the art of building great digital products at an affordable price.

– This amazing Netflix clone script has the most prominent Payment gateways that support subscription-based payments easily without any extra documentation.

– The folks behind this Netflix clone script are Pro’s in the on-demand Internet streaming vertical and they offer amazing after-sales support for their products.


What makes this Netflix Clone Script Different?

A Professional NetFlix Clone Script should be stress-tested to accommodate heavy spikes in user traffic to your site. The Video viewing experience has to be seamless and the controls/navigation should allow users to easily operate the site. Great importance has also been given to the search functionality of the site, where users can easily find the titles they are looking for (If it is available on the platform). The Video on demand website is also built with the latest web technologies to stay as secure as possible.

How do you make money with this Netflix clone script?

Two major revenue sources for you to make money with an on-demand Internet streaming media site like Netflix are :


Subscription plans allow your users to watch videos on your platform as long as they pay for it. You will make recurring money month on month.

Video Ads

Get a video advertisement to play Pre-roll/Inbetween/Post-roll of the streaming content. Help other businesses to promote their products on your platform. You make money whenever their ad plays on your platform.

Banner Ads

Banner advertisements can get much-needed attention from users who are browsing through the title on the platform. Display Banner ads at strategic locations on the website.

What are the features available in this awesome Netflix clone script?

Some of the incredible features present in this Netflix clone script are :

  • This Netflix clone script comes with an incredible Design and Responsive Layout.
  • Video display integration across devices (H.264)
  • Find videos easily with the search filter functionality.
  • Intuitive Registration, payment, and login pages
  • Facebook login is integrated into this script 
  • The script comes with Paypal and Stripe as the primary payment gateways. You can customize to include more.
  • You can also give your users a FREE TRIAL on the platform for a set duration. See the Admin panel demo.

Member Section:

  • Browse through different movie titles available on the platform.
  • This sleek Netflix clone has advanced search Features and genre-based lookup.
  • Popular and Trending content Categories
  • Complete movie image, story synopsis, cast, and other details.
  • Option to stream in multiple qualities based on your connection speed.
  • This Netflix clone script has modules for members to Manage Account And WishList
  • Manage subscriptions easily on the platform.
  • Users can rate and review movies that can be seen by other users.
  • This Netflix clone script has provisions to manage comments/feedback etc.
  • Also present in this incredible Netflix clone script are modules for users to recommend the movie/shows to friends.

Admin Section

  • This fantastic Netflix clone script has provisions for users to manage movie/show category/catalog etc.
  • Managing movies/show videos (Add, Delete etc) is a breeze with this Netflix clone script.
  • You can effortlessly Manage Members end-to-end with this Netflix clone script.
  • Availability, Terms and Conditions management.
  • Auto reminders and alerts for subscription renewals
  • Available in this Netflix clone script are Basic Analytics and Reports also.

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