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Newsletter provision right inside your WordPress dashboard

Create, manage and send beautiful HTML newsletters to users and subscribers from right inside your WordPress dashboard.


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        An Easy way to stay in touch with all your customers! __________________________________________________________________________ What do you get in this killer deal? – A splendid e-newsletter plugin ( worth 19$ ) – Facebook to WordPress photo gallery plugin ( worth 14$ ) Check more details of this plugin HERE .   Got any Queries ?  shoot a mail to us :  [email protected] __________________________________________________________________________ How many times have you lost out on repeat audience or customers? How do you let your customers know what’s happenings on your site? Whether you want to update them of latests news, remind them to sign up for an event, or intimate them of a sale that is going to end soon.  You need to let your subscribers know through an e-newsletter. that’s how an e-newsletter can be very crucial your site’s success but it can be hard to set up one also expensive, and is more complicated by going through a 3rd party service with it’s own branding.  Until now.  So what is the Solution? Introducing e-Newsletter – a WordPress plugin that allows you to: – Create and edit advanced e-newsletters – Impress your subscribers with professionally designed templates – Quickly setup unlimited numbers of groups and subscribers – Track each newsletter’s results with all the statistics you’d expect from a professional e-newsletter provider. – Display a widget on your site for easy sign ups and subscription management – Provide a subscriptions panel, within WordPress, where anyone can easily sign up or modify their subscription information The e-newsletter plugin includes everything you need from start to finish to create successful email campaigns and track their results all from your WordPress Dashboard!  There’s no extra logins, no monthly fees and active members here at WPMU DEV have the confidence that this plugin will continue to work smoothly with every WordPress update. Setting up a new campaign is a snap!  You simply create a new group, allow for signups on your site and manually add any members or new accounts as necessary, and create your newsletter!  With advanced options to help with server load and a dashboard that shows you all the stats on a single screen you can be sure your newsletter are getting to your members and get important details such as whether the newsletter was opened or ‘bounced’ back.

What are the features? Other features of the e-newsletter plugin include: – Step-by-step email wizard – Professional email templates – Easy editing with advanced features such as inserting and resizing images, full text editing and more – Promote your brand by adding links and images to your social network profiles – Registration and subscription management widget – Manage your member lists by interest or anything you like to better target your messages – Manage bounce and unsubscribe information so your emails get to the right folks Grab up the e-newsletter plugin today!  


The Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this plugin as a deal are : – The product is extremely easy to use and extremely functional. – e-newsletter plugin is valuable to everyone who owns a website be it small or large and one of the things that is most sought after. – This is a Plugin which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life.


Can this deal be clubbed with another?

We are sorry, That won’t be possible. When you buy this deal you get the plugin mentioned here. Usage of any other discount coupons or other special offer that applies will void this deal here.

When I click the BUY NOW button, it takes me to . What is happening ?

No worries . This deal is for promoting the WordPress E-Newletter plugin from . Once you click the BUY NOW button , you will be redirected to . You can pay directly to the vendor and your plugin / theme will be delivered . Note : Please navigate to by clicking the BUY NOW button . Only then the WordPress facebook extra plugin will be coupled in this offer.

How is the support for this WordPress e-newsletter plugin?

The support for this e-newsletter plugin is top notch and by experts. You will be given exclusive access to user friendly documentation for the product.

How stable is the version ?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version.

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