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Premium App Onboarding Screen template for Gojek Clone Script

Scintillating Illustrated On-boarding screens template to educate your users about your Gojek Clone Script.


Integration Time

25 Minutes

Saves You

156 Hours



 App On-boarding Screen 

 For your Gojek Clone Script

                                                                      On-Boarding Screen Demo #1

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                                                                      On-boarding Screen Demo #2

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What do you get?

– Amazing set of illustrated On-boarding screens that is ready to use. Customize by changing your brand’s color, text etc and make it your own.

– A basic documentation on how to Implement the App on-boarding screens for your app with the Industry standard best practices.

– A visual guide to creating the best possible experiences for your users and general design guidelines.

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Top three reasons to get this App On-boarding Screen template:

– Animated App onboarding screens can help your first time users understand certain features of the app, right from the start. You can highlight important aspects of the app that you want the users to know about.

– High quality designs and a smooth on-scroll animation experience ensures that you create a strong impression in the mind of the user 

– Easy to integrate screens that comes with a step by step tutorial and source design files.

What is the advantage of having an app On-boarding screen like this for Gojek Clone script?

A Well designed app on-boarding screen would influence how your users perceive the app. It also signals that you care about your users and help them save their time. 

App on-boarding screens can help highlighting some nifty features that maybe tucked away and isn’t seen outright on the app. If they find, the utility for it, they’d come back. 

The Onboarding screen pack comes with the configuration files and the necessary design elements that you make make short changes to and start using right away, without the need to hire an expensive illustrator.

If you have a designer (even a beginner for changing the texts & images) and an app developer, they can easily integrate the screens with your app.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


Can you offer a custom design or illustrations for my app on-boarding screens?

We offer Custom onboarding screens for any entrepreneur / developer who needs it. After a thorough, understanding of the design concept, feedback and approval, we can design the onboarding screen for you. Please note that it is a paid service, write to us [email protected]

Why do you keep your costs low? Is there any catch?

We keep the entry barrier low so entrepreneurs can start creating apps with great designs and on-boarding screens.

I’m looking to use the file for my customers, Can I use it?

Each purchase issues a single license for use on one client. If you have multiple customers, please purchase individual copies, that way, we can keep adding more onboarding screens and other elements in the marketplace. If you have any doubts, please write to us at [email protected] .

Will using animation on the app on-boarding slow down the speed of the App?

No they won’t. All the onboarding screen Animations are optimized, small in size and use JSON based controllers. The animations are designed to load quickly without hindering the app’s performance.

Do I need to have a separate development tool to integrate the app?

All the on-boarding screens can be integrated by using any development environment (IDEs). Your developer can just follow the basic instructions to integrate into the android and iOS apps easily.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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