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App Onboarding Screens Template for Uber like Taxi booking app script

Stunning Illustrated On-boarding screens template to educate your users about your Ride sharing/taxi rental app. Easy to integrate and deploy.


Integration Time

15 Minutes

Saves You

120 Hours



 App On-boarding Screen 

 For your Uber like Taxi app Script

                                                                    Wordpress business theme


What do you get?

– Stunning set of illustrated On-boarding screens that is almost ready to use and can be easily Customized with your brand’s color, text etc. 

– A basic documentation on how to Implement the App on-boarding screens for your app with the Industry standard best practices.

– A visual guide to creating the best possible experiences for your users and general design guidelines.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


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Top three reasons to get this App On-boarding Screen template:

– Educate your customers about your app, right from the start. A simple snapshot of important feature can help understand the app better well before they start using the app. 

– High quality story boarding and smooth on-scroll animation helps in creates confidence about your app among the users. 

– Easy to integrate screens that comes with a step by step tutorial and source design files.

What is the advantage of having an app On-boarding screen like this for Uber like Taxi app script?

App On-boarding screens have been in existence for a while now, However, only a few are well designed and effectively communicate to the user. This could also be due to the fact that they do not have a designer who can help them with that. 

In that case, this App On-boarding screen template app can definitely help you. Equipped with the configuration files and the necessary customizable design elements, the ready to use on-boarding screen lets you change the text and if needed the images on the screens that are inline with your business/app. 

If you have a designer (for changing the texts & images) and an app developer, they can easily integrate the screens with your app.


Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


Can you offer a custom design or illustrations for my app on-boarding screens?

We’d be more than happy to offer custom designs for your app. Do let us know your requirement, our team of designers would get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities. Once you have signed off on the rough idea, we’d get to work and create a great design for your app. 

Why do you keep your costs low? Is there any catch?

We keep the entry barrier low so entrepreneurs can start creating apps with great designs and on-boarding screens.

I’m looking to use the file for my customers, Can I use it?

Each purchase guarantees a single license, you may use it for one customer’s project. To use the file on more customer app’s please get in touch with [email protected] to purchase enterprise license.

Will using animation on the app on-boarding slow down the speed of the App?

Animations used are very small and use JSON based controllers. The animations are designed to load quickly without hindering the app’s performance.

Do I need to have a separate development tool to integrate the app?

All the on boarding screens can be integrated by using any development environment (IDEs). Your developer can just follow the basic instructions to integrate into the android and iOS apps easily.


Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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