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4 must have WOW tools for OS X !

Get access to the COOLEST WEB SOFTWARE on earth for OS X  – that STEVE JOBS himself will LOVE to use !


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4 coolest WEB software on earth for OS X !

OS X tools and utilities What do you get in this killer deal ? Fantastic 4 OS X products at an un-believable rate !

1) Web Editor ( worth 69$ )

This is for sure one intelligent piece of software from the pro’s in this field . No where else can you see such a clever and flexible web editor for the Mac OS . It used by millions of Mac experts all around the globe ! – You can just start of with your code work in seconds ! With this incredible editor , you can get your workspace set up and start your new project or handle your existing project in just a click or two away – Managing web projects just got much easier ! From defining your own template to managing several projects at one shot , this sleek OS X editor can really keep all your projects organized . Pease of mind guaranteed . – Get all your editing work organized ! How about getting all the power of Firebug or Webkit or all the tools you use everyday in ONE exotic place – YOUR OWN WORKSPACE ? Yes this Swiss knife editor powers you to perform all the editing tricks as smooth as a breeze . – Amazing Auto-suggest features Its intelligent to the core ! This awesome Web editor is power packed with CSS rule suggestions and class suggestions – so you can just speed type your code and finish your project in a fraction of the time required . and much more JAW dropping superior features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE !

2) Web Form Builder ( worth 69$ )

Get the power to build your Web forms by just simple Drag and drop . See your beautiful forms evolve before your eyes – while this incredible Web form builder becomes your coder and does all the dirty work for you from behind the scenes . With this amazing builder the last thing you will need to do is hit PUBLISH and get your forms embedded anywhere – a Shop , forum , website or a Blog ( Now that is some real MAGIC ! ) Web form builder OS X – Choose your elements with ease and customize fields Creating a beautiful web form has never been so easy .From registration forms to surveys, subscriptions or anything you can think of can be made in minutes . Sky is the limit ! This cool builder gives you full control over design and function allowing you to adjust text , labels , colors or any fields . – Pre-defined designs to use and decide where you want the data to go Has sleek options to choose from built in themes and customize it so you can bring your dream design to life in seconds . Done using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards . The form builder also has options to email you every time the form is filled . Also has options to setup confirmation or re-directions , all under one roof to give your customers a seamless pleasant experience . – Make your dollars with forms From accepting donations to creating order forms and allowing your users customize your product etc. this super cool form builder has all the payment options integrated ( PayPal , Google Checkout , , 2Checkout etc. )  – So your customers pay you sure shot . How much easier can it get ? and much more very powerful features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE !

3) Web Image Studio ( worth 39$ )

With tons of easily applicable effects and creation tools , now your the design master ! Draw , design or edit scaling vectors or give your photos the creativity you always wanted to give with this elegant and powerful Web Image studio . Its just a box of limitless possibilities to explore ! Web image studio OS X Wake the artist in you with a big WOW ! Lines , shapes , circles , icons , vectors – now all these are at your finger tips . Just control them elegantly to bring out your wildest dreams to astonish the world – yes you have the Web image studio at your command . Get access to the suite of effects and draw crisp and clear graphics that even Steve Jobs will say – WOW ! Image edition is a breeze Web image editor takes you exactly where your imagination wants .Stylize your snapshots or simply isolate colors to get an effect that demands attention. Take full control and Adjust brightness, colors, vignetting, and more to make images that look both modern and classic. and get access to much more very powerful features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE !

4) IOS Grid view module ( worth 49$ )

This is a fantastic IOS GRID view component that can bring the Pinterest like masonry view for your IOS apps . It is the age of the IPhone – we all must agree . IPhone apps are ruling the web in a manner that  it will be the future of the web ! Everyday many entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas to  make the coolest apps in the world . IOS Grid view The masonry style grid view is a highly appreciated style of displaying content on touch screens (  Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest ) .You can give your app a lovable layout which your viewers  will definitely love to lay their hands upon . Using this incredible and user friendly grid layout  you can come up with innovative ways to display your apps content ( It is powered with end-to-end  documentation and user friendly architecture that can be easily played with to make different  styles ) Check out all the killer features this ready-made product has HERE !


The Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this incredible bundle as a deal are : – Coffeecup : We are fans of these guys . We have been using their products for many years . Being a happy customer , we would like to spread the joy to our users . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in some kick ass OS X products . So we coupled up 3 amazing OS X products with one fantastic I OS mobile product to create a killer bundle – We all love MAC products and these products will tremendously increase the productivity of developers which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


Can I get a full list of the features included in the OS X tools ? Yes . You can get the full list of features from these links : WEB FORM EDITOR     : Click Here WEB FORM BUILDER  : Click Here WEB IMAGE STUDIO   : Click Here IOS GRID VIEW             : Click Here Nice ! Who are the people providing these amazing components ? Coffeecup is a legendary software products company . They have been in this field since 1994 ( So much experienced people – its hard to find now-a-days ) . They have won lots of Awards including being #400 in the Interactive 500, a ranking of the best Internet and E-Commerce companies . The Web form editor , Web form builder & the Web Image Studio for OS X is provided by these geeks . You can get a more crisp picture about this amazing company HERE How will be the support ? Guaranteed – you can never get a better support than this . The people behind these awesome products have been supporting 54,907,053 users worldwide, and software has been sold in over 87 countries – now that is something cool !

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