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Payment processor script to Start a Mobile Wallet.

Start a Mobile wallet Like Venmo, PayTM, etc using this Payment Processor Script.


Integration Time

30 minutes

Saves You

720 hours of development


Payment processor script


What can you do with this incredible Payment processor script?

Start a Payment Processor platform

Your sellers can sign up to create a BUY NOW button that can be added to any website and use it to collect payments from their customers through a variety of payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Bitcoins, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, SagePay, Pin Payments, etc. (They’d already need to hold a merchant account with them)

Run a Subscription billing platform

Your sellers can generate a recurring subscription-based payment link and start using it to collect monthly/quarterly/annual subscription payments from any customers of theirs.

Run a site like Gumroad

Your sellers can set up a digital download store under this Payment Processor script as well, where they can upload a product – create a BUY NOW button and promote it anywhere!

What do you get in this deal?

– A powerful Payment processor script: worth $5000

– Comes with a powerful admin panel to control the site end-to-end: worth $1000

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Payment processor script


Top 3 reasons to have this Payment processor script as a deal here are :

– To start a payment processing website, you’d need a strong product that gives you the ability to run the platform efficiently. It should also take care of the basic security precautions and provide tools for easy integration. This product has it all. 

– Using this Payment processor script you can run a full-fledged Payment processor site like Paypal, Stripe, etc. Your sellers can add the standalone BUY now button to any website or choose to create a storefront within minutes.

– The people who built this powerful Payment processor script have years of experience in the payments industry and have been building a variety of products. Their customer support is unparalleled too.


What are the features present in this Payment processor script?

Payment Setup

 Your users can set up any payment gateway of their choice or they have the option to set up multiple payment gateways from the available list to show in the checkout screen of their customers.

Button creator module

Using the Button creator module, your sellers can create BUY NOW button code snippet that can be added to any website’s HTML page. Their customers can easily tap on the Buy Now button to make a purchase. The sellers can also create different price points for the same product and add it to the page. All these buttons can be managed from their dashboard seamlessly.

Subscription payments

 Your sellers can setup Subscription payments and generate standalone BUY NOW buttons. These can be used on any website and start collecting recurring payments from their customers. Every customer subscribing will get an account and manage their payments through this Mobile wallet script, Similar to how works.

Digital products download

On this Mobile wallet script, sellers can upload digital products, create a storefront and start selling. People will be able to pay using the BUY NOW buttons and receive an automated download in their Inbox. Sellers can monitor the downloads, Payments, etc. from their dashboard.

Payment page

When a BUY NOW button is clicked on any page, it opens up an intermediate page from your Payment processor site – from where they can choose the way they wanna pay and make the payment. 


 Users selling via. your Payment processor site can monitor all activities in their account. It comes with end-to-end reports based on calenders. Also, they can export reports in the form of excel, PDF, CSV, etc.

Profile page

 Users can set up and modify their profiles effortlessly from the profile page.


Present in this Mobile Wallet script is the ability for your sellers to create discount coupons for their products – which can be used by their Buyers to avail offers etc. 

Invoice generation

Buyers and sellers get an automated invoice through an email as soon as a transaction is successfully completed.


Your site sellers can manage their Buyers ( user management ), Payments, etc. This incredible Mobile wallet script comes with an end-to-end Dashboard to make the life of your sellers easy.

Mandrill integration

Running a Payment processor site, your system will be generating many crucial notification emails that have to 100% reach the inbox ( eg: Sales notification, Product delivery notification, etc. ). To make this happen we have integrated all the notification emails to Mandrill ( from Mail Chimp ) in this amazing Payment processor script. Mandrill offers up to 12K transactional emails per month free!

Robust Super Admin panel

Running a Payment processor cum digital Product delivery is a Herculean task. Equipping a Robust Super Admin panel allows you to seamlessly manage everything on the site. You can manage your seller’s monthly subscription and a host of other aspects too. Also, you can disable/enable different payment gateways via this powerful Payment processor script.

On what technology is this the Payment processor script built on?

This incredible Payment processor script is built using PHP / MySQL and is built on the happening Laravel framework with Knockout.js etc. Extreme care is taken to build high level security systems inside.

How is the support for this amazing Payment processor script?

The people who built this mobile wallet script are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support!

How are the updates handled for this Payment processor script?

As with all our products, Every customer gets lifetime FREE upgrades. So you get life time FREE upgrades for this Payment processor script.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we offer customizations for the product. Please reach out to us through the email provided above.

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