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Periscope App Clone Script to Start a viral Mobile video streaming service

Complete 100% unencrypted source code, Website Script + Mobile Apps, and Installation Documentation.

$299 ( +Tax )


Integration Time

In under 46 minutes

Saves You

492 Hours Of Development


Start a Mobile Live Streaming video service with this Turn-key

Periscope clone app script


What do you get in this incredible deal?

– An amazing Periscope app clone script [ Native IOS ] ( worth $5000 ) 

– An amazing Periscope app clone script [ Native Android] ( worth $5000 )

– A website that would have all the streams stored & that can be watched online ( worth $2000 )

– Admin panel to control the entire app

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]




What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live video streaming app that allows anyone to live stream videos to their subscribers or anyone who wants to watch them. Periscope started as a rage in 2016 when people began live-streaming their Vlogs to millions of people around the globe. There were many influencers and prominent celebrities who started using Periscope.  

Why should you choose this Periscope app Clone Script?

Periscope app is built by Twitter, you already know about the intense infrastructure that is required to run a service of that scale. However, using this Periscope Clone you can start a content-centric video streaming platform for other creators. 

Building a solid Video streaming product requires experience and understanding of how codecs, compression, and other moving parts in video content delivery work. The software also needs to work well with your Colocation and Content delivery providers smoothly. The team that built the product understands every bit of detail that streaming content at scale requires. 

What are the features available in this Periscope clone script?

Some of the highlighted features that the app will have are:

Social Login 

This incredible Periscope clone app script will have Twitter & Facebook login.

Live Streaming

Users can Live Stream anything instantly to their followers on the platform.

Video commenting

Viewers who are logged in and are watching your live stream, can comment and react to the video stream right through the commenting system.


The Periscope clone script has the option to restream an already telecasted video to their subscribers easily.


Before you start a live stream, announce that you are going live to your followers at a specified time.


Users can follow each other on the Periscope Clone Script right from their profile page. 


All the live-streams have the option to save as recording once the streaming is complete. This can be shared on Youtube from the share option. The website will be open for Search engines to crawl, so you get heavy search traffic when a relevant content becomes available on the platform.

Admin Panel

To control the app end-to-end & moderate any content on the site as well.


Top 4 reasons to own this amazing Periscope clone app script are:

1. This Mobile video streaming app is built by expert developers who have worked on projects that involve Video codec optimizations and other live streaming related products. The highly sophisticated product is built to take up a heavy surge in traffic without fuss. You will never need to be dependent on any 3rd party API etc. The product gives you complete control of your streaming platform. 

2. You can use this turn-key app script to instantly start a niche app for Video streaming. Building a content-centric product will empower content creators to create more content while sharing revenue with you.

3. For an entrepreneur, the product saves a ton of time & money.

4. First in the market to use an innovative HLS streaming technology that experiences fewer lags. 


I’d like to use WOWZA’s streaming server, can you replace the streaming server?

This comes under customization and we’d be happy to customize the code and make the Periscope Clone work with WOWZA streaming server. To know more about the timeline for the customization and other details, please get in touch with the team through the email address mentioned below.

How is the support for this amazing Periscope clone app script?
This Periscope app clone script comes with amazing after-sale support. The developers would patiently handle all the service requests through a separate forum for their customers.

How are the updates handled for this Periscope clone app script?
The product when bought through the marketplace gives you lifetime FREE upgrades for this Periscope app clone script.

Do you do customization?
Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a nominal rate. Do mail us your requirement to: [email protected]

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