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There has been many image sharing sites through the history of the web – but nothing has proven to be as funky and viral as the Pinterest . Pinterest opened a new angle of image sharing which proved to be both visually stunning and more fun to even use the site . Images have always been one of the main pillars of the web , as people love sharing images and its a no brainer its a billion dollar industry .

  What do you get in this deal ? This incredible script is from – You get the most powerful Pinterest like script ( 100% source code ) on the WEB loaded with premium features ( Worth 199.9$ ) – Comes with complete installation by expert – Comes with a app configuration for your site – Professional Support for 1 full year – White labeled ( Sellers promotional link will be removed from the footer )
Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— OFFER : Get the most wanted Sleek Pinterest like Grid view component FREE with this script  ! ( worth 49$ ) . Check more details of this component HERE ! Using which you can easily create an iPhone app of your Pinterest site ! —————————————————————————————————————— BTW why is image sharing such a rave on the web ? We all love images . Knowingly or UN-knowingly we see thousands of images on the web daily and share many of them . Image sharing has always been the center of attraction which runs many of the most famous social networks . Anything associated with images has always been peoples favorite . How much money can be made using image sharing ? Staring from Flickr to Picassa to Facebook etc. image sharing has always glued visitors to the sites . From small blogs to big established sites images have always been a way to engage the users . When visitors like images so much , it can obviously be monetized in a zillion ways from affiliate to image ads to pay to view . How can money be made using image sharing ? Monetizing a image sharing site is one of the easiest and popular method on the web . The 3 prominent methods used to monetize a image sharing site are : – Affiliate : Traffic redirected to appropriate items sales sites from an image is one of the sure conversion mechanism ( Eg : Redirecting a click on an image of a Bag to a eCommerce site selling bags ) – Image Ads : Nearly all AD providers provide Image ads , that populate relative Ads on images based on the ALT text of the image ( Eg : ) – Referral income : redirecting users on a click of an image to relative sites for commission on the referral traffic . Top 3 reasons you should buy this amazing Pinterest script : – The script is available for an un-believable 20% discount for the first 20 users ! – This powerful Pinterest clone script is packed with all the cutting edge features ( Check the list of features at the last section ) .  All the Pinterest scripts available in the market doesnt even have 50% of the features this fantastic script has ! – The script is bundled with all the essential SEO elements to boost your search traffic . – You get 100% source code ! What are the killer features you will be getting with this incredible Pinterest clone script ? – Built on a robust Php-based framework to quickly deploy your pinterest clone – Extensive Board creation capabilities – Pin creation is a breeze – Has Chrome extensions for browser-based pinning ( this is something you get only in this script ) – Has a nice Invite-system for closed, desire-based expansion – Spread your content : Has repinning system for quick content spreading – Quick Account creation process . – Facebook login , so your users can login via. their facebook and make your site viral – Also its equipped with Twitter login – Has all the required social media elements : Share with facebook, twitter, and email integrated . – Has Infinite scrolling , so images gets loaded as your users scroll by . – Has the most desired Favorite pins – Popular pins – Has a robust commenting system . – A sleek Liking system is present . – Yes we have Multi-language support as well ! – All Website-Texts in one Language-File ( Makes your upgrades and maintenance hassle free ) – Comprehensive site search to pull out relevant results in a snap . – An extensive User management panel . – Has the Gift function ( a much wanted feature ) – Captcha on registration ( No more spam accounts by bots ) – PinIt-Button – Pinning of YouTube-Videos , enables your users to Pin videos as well . – Pinning of Vimeo-Videos also integrated . – Linking of users – 100% Open Source Code ( Now that is not everybody else offer ) – Easy integration of Google-Banners and Ads to monetize your site . – (bottom of page & underneath pins) – Email-Verification on signup Admin features : – Manage users in an easy to use CMS – Manage boards & pins with full rights – Manage categories , static pages and site settings with ease . – Manage SEO settings of static pages ( to bring those search traffic for targeted keywords ) – Has options Suspend users – Has option send messages to users directly from the admin panel . – Check reported pins – You can switch your site to Maintenance Mode easily . – Easy creation of static pages possible – Activating & Deactivating of Email-Verification in a snap . – Changing of google adsense Code is possible effortlessly . Note : There are still much more amazing features ( which will make this list longer – do check out every detail of this stunning Pinterest script on the Demo )  


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this Pinterest clone script as a deal are : – The script is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot . The version provided is a very stable version . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass Pinterest clone script . – We ran through a variety of Pinterest clone scripts in the market and this seemed the best . – This is truly a money making script which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


How is this Pinterest script different from the other scripts available in the market ? – No other script in the market has all the features you get with this amazing script . – The script is developed using the most stable architecture so your site handle any load of traffic with high performance . While the product looks sleek on the outside , great engineering care has been put in to make all the hidden parts behind the script beautiful – peace of mind assured ! If your network grows more, you can definitely count on us to help you upgrade it. How much load can this script handle ? Do you think you can manage a website with 100 000 visits a day using an off-the-shelf CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or a similar product ?  Well, how about 1 000 000 visits daily? The truth is such a system will not work smoothly unless the code is specifically written to handle such loads. What is more – most systems become real resource hogs under high strain. We have created a framework that is specifically optimized to work under loads, generating millions of database requests per second. This is hardly the best script ever. Put simply – it is the only one that is actually on the market, while everyone else is still looking for a solution. We believe that our script will work like (and probably better). You can test our claim by trying out the working demo. It has been pre-loaded with 40 000 000 (demo) pins, and 4 000 000 (demo) user accounts. Our goal is to simulate a large amount of data and to prove that the script is able to handle large amount of requests and database entries. How ready is the script to be used for a Adult site ? Yes it is ready ( As we have been getting a lot of requests in this area ) . If you want to run it for adult content then your script will be able to embed videos and pictures . How is the Professional support that comes along with this package ? It is one of the kind support ! even drilled down technical support is provided for developers from the makers of this script . How is the refund policy on this script ? The developers of this script are very confident on the script ( They should be – as we have seen it action ) . So they have said a strict NO to any refund of any sort . So please check the DEMO end-to-end and get questions clarified before purchasing the script . Can I change the script to a different language of my choice ? Yes, you can! The script has a comfortable user interface from where you will be able to do the changes needed. The script works with all languages and you will have the ability to even use the languages that are written from right to left.

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