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Incredible Pinterest wordpress theme to power your site !

Thrill your visitors with this elegant wordpress pinterest theme that is loaded with tons of features and perks .


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Its the age of Pinterest – we all should agree , with even big shots like Facebook and eBay trying to bring the Pinterest look to their layouts . So today we have analyzed hard and bought you the …

Best Pinterest wordpress theme in the web !

Wordpress business theme __________________________________________________________________________ What do you get in this killer deal ? – An incredible Pinterest wordpress theme ( worth 65$ ) – IOS grid view component to make your site to a Pinterest like iPhone app ( worth 24$ ) Check more details of this component HERE . – Facebook to WordPress photo gallery plugin ( worth 14$ ) Check more details of this plugin HERE . – An elegant 3D slider that will make your website dazzle ( worth 14$ ) Check more details of this slider HERE . Got any Queries ?  shoot a mail to us :  [email protected] __________________________________________________________________________ Top 10 reasons you should own this sleek pinterest wordpress theme are : * No where can you find such a customizable and powerful admin panel ! From tweaking the fonts and colors to adding tracking codes , customizing CSS , adding logos and Backgrounds – you have the full power to customize every granular details in the theme . Wordpress pinterest theme * Custom color schemes The background , font and link color can be easily customized . Has 30+ background patterns to choose from or you can upload your own creative background pattern ( you can upload a background image as well ) . What more ? This incredible Pinterest wordpress theme comes with 4 pre made color schemes for you to choose from ( Red , Blue , White , Dark ) . The theme options panel allows you to create your own styles as well . Pinterest wordpress theme * Customize your typography The typography in this incredible Pinterest wordpress theme can be customized to suite your requirements . * Next generation advanced dynamic bar Now you can have different menu items for different pages ( this is one feature not present in any other wordpress pinterest theme ) wordpress pinterest theme * Auto fetch image thumb nails : Just keep uploading the images and this cool pinterest wordpress theme will get the thumb nails for the images . You dont need to sweat over this manually anymore ! * Auto generation of video thumbs : Yeah its the same with videos . The video thumbs are generated automatically in this wordpress pinterest theme . * Ready made Widgets area : We know the importance of widgets . This pinterest wordpress theme is fitted with widget areas – which you can use to personalize your site with nil coding knowledge ! pinterest wordpress theme * WordPress custom menu support The pinterest wordpress theme has options to add custom menu items and choose targeted pages / categories and arrange the menus in the order of your choice * Set popular post and image pages Has options to show popular posts or images on Daily , weekly , monthly or all time basis . * Extremely SEO optimized Every element in this wordpress pinterest theme is optimized for search engines ( Get ready for an avalanche of search traffic ) !


The top 3 reasons to give away this amazing pinterest wordpress theme along with the valuable products as a deal are :

– A lot of users have been asking us to bring in a high quality pinterest wordpress theme . We searched the web and found the themes made by Brillthemes are one of the best wordpress pinterest themes in the market. – This is a high quality theme that renders the exact design of Pinterest template . The pinterest wordpress theme delivers multi column layout, extending the facility to add any number of images to the pinboard . Now your site can come out with a Pinterest like design . – Coupled with the suite of value adding products , this incredible wordpress pinterest theme will for sure help a lot of people achieve their goal . This the Gentle Ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples lives .


When I click the BUY NOW button , it takes me to . What is happening ?

No worries . This deal is for promoting the amazing pinterest wordpress theme from Brillthemes . Once you click the BUY NOW button , you will be redirected to . You can pay directly to the vendor and your theme will be delivered . Note : Please navigate to by clicking the BUY NOW button . Only then the other 3 other products will be coupled in this offer.  

Hey , I want the Developer version of this pinterest wordpress theme . Where can I get it ?

Yes . Click HERE and get the developer license ( All the bonus products are included ) .  

Is this Pinterest wordpress theme SEO friendly ?

That’s the first thing we look into ( One of the reasons to have it in WordPress ) . All the SEO elements in this pinterest wordpress theme are placed appropriately and audited by SEO experts .  

Why is there so much of interest for a pinterest wordpress theme ?

The way in which content is presented in Pinterest has rasied lot of interest and engagement among users . This intutive model is appealing to the visitors eye and tends to increase the time spent by visitors on a site . So this masonry view can also be implement in other sites . So the a lot of wordpress users are interested in the a wordpress pinterest theme .  

Is this a Brillthemes discount coupon ?

Instead of supplying a discount coupon , we have coupled up related 4 valuable products and offered it at a killer price – that will for sure make the deal a high value and productive offer .

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