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For newbies : What is a Niche Blog ? Creating a blog specifically for a particular Niche in a Niche keyword blog . It involves the following process : – Research to find a highly searched Niche keyword that can prove to be profitable . – Analyzing competition for the niche . – Booking a strategic domain in the targeted Niche . – Building a beautiful blog for the niche – Keyword analysis for finding the set of keywords in the Niche that has high search volume . – Creating different pages in the blog for each keyword . – Giving the home page of the blog ” keyword density ” for the main keyword – Strategically placing Ads , Affiliate links in the site for monetizing .

So how about getting a Pre-made, Gorgeous ” Real Estate Investing ” Niche Blog ?

That’s what this incredible deal is all about !


How HOT is this ‘ Real Estate Investing ‘ NICHE ?

Please do check out the STATS in the FAQ Tab on top .


What do you get in this killer deal ?

Everything ! everything you need to start making money in the Real Estate Investing niche . Which includes :

– Premium WordPress Theme (worth $70 )

– Professional Design ( worth $197 ). Gorgeous customization of premium theme !

– Pre-installed SEO Plugin (Priceless) All the essential plug-ins has been added for maximum optimization.

– Keyword Research done for you ( worth $97 ). Yahoo and Bing have hidden a lot of gem keywords from us. If you’re doing keywords research traditionally through Google Adword’s Keyword Tool, then you have missed big time. I’ll send you a list of 644 keywords with very little competition! Incredible thing is, your competitors can’t find these keywords in google keyword tool, word tracker or market samurai.

– 8 Keyword-rich articles already posted ( worth $120 )

– Four Commission Junction merchants added. We’ve set up 4 high converting Commission Junction merchants on the blog’s side bar. All banners go out to different Commission Junctions merchants which converts extremely well for the targeted visitor in this niche.  They pay between 50-75% a pop ! All you have to do is sign up with Commission Junction, add in your affiliate link. Done !

– Your own Amazon online store. Amazon pays 4% – 8.5% per sale. You’ll get paid once your visitors buy.

– 2000 fans to your Facebook fan page ( worth $147 )

– An attention grabber plugin to redirect users to specific posts ( as seen on the top of this screen )

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What more ?

We could end this deal right here and right now and it would be worth what we are asking… But, we decided to over deliver [as always 🙂 ]. We’ve prepared a Quick Start Guide for you. This short, no fluff guide explains how to get your blog bringing in traffic (and cash) as quickly as possible. You’ll learn exactly what steps to take and in what order. No need to stress when you have this easy to follow guide. Now thats sweet – ain’t it ? 🙂


Top 3 reasons we chose to give this Real estate NICHE BLOG as a deal are : – Its a proven science that micro niche blogs can create a fortune . And real estate in one such dominant niche . – The people doing this service are highly experienced and skilled . They know the ins & outs of IM and value customer relationship a lot . – Many users have been mailing us to bring in a good deal to buy plr niche blogs . We have been searching out for long and hit upon this high quality service . After verifying the experts credibility and checking out their customer testimonials we decided to bring in this high value deal .


How hot is the Real Estate Investing Niche ?

We all know the amount of money involved in the real estate niche and how much of information is procured online in this vertical . Real estate is one area that brings in huge advertisement income and people are going to extreme affiliate payouts to get business . This niche has to be loved for the fact that even a single affiliate payout can be worth a HUGE SUM ! The National Association of Realtors report says ; home sales were 5.3 million in 2011 and are expected to rise to 7.53 million in 2013 . Cool ain’t it ? As Stocks prices are very volatile , Real estate investment is chosen by a lot of people due to the trend of financial uncertainty. Its the right time to ACT as it is currently a buyer’s market . Low prices make it easy to invest in cheap property and turn a profit — for the people who know what they’re doing. Unlike any financial investment, real estate investing is an industry to enter without some knowledge. You have to be careful with your money and use it wisely in order to turn a profit. Your blog will tell people the pros and cons of real estate investment and help them make the right decision . Your visitors will learn the basics about the trade and come to you time and again for more information and the latest trends. Real estate investing is and will always be a big market and your blog can be a part of it. Its a no brainer ,this is a super hot money niche. As per Google’s Keyword Tool, “real estate investing” related keywords command high exact-matched searches every month – its evergreen !   plr niche blogs And yes this is an evergreen niche – so also check the Google trends stats for the following keywords : plr niche blogs plr niche blogs plr niche blogs  

Great – so how is the support ?

The folks behind this amazing service value customer relationship a lot . They are available for you 24/7 on any questions and help you want . Also you get 12 tutorial videos to show you how to get this blog up and running ! General questions :

Why should I buy plr niche blogs ? Please explain how it works .

The whole purpose to buy plr niche blogs that are pre-made is to leverage our experience and skills to save you time and money.You don’t have to waste time building plr niche blogs from scratch, getting your hands dirty with HTML code, tinkering with images to fit your theme, scout for affiliate products that convert best all those daunting tasks required to set-up a niche blog. Let the experts take care of all this ! Generally to buy plr niche blogs that is custom- made costs a lot and is risky . We’ve come across too many bad experiences when Internet marketers hook up with the wrong freelancers. It seems that most of the free lancers in the market are part timers looking out for a few bucks . Getting work done by such UN-experienced people leads to endless waiting, project delays , and worse some freelancers stop their communication and then thousands of dollars are lost. When you buy plr niche blogs that are pre-made , you get to see the market ready product that your gonna own. You buy niche blogs as you see them. Your sites can be up and running in less than a day. When you set-up one of our niche blogs on your own domain, rewrite the content (or hire us to do it) into unique articles your site instantly gets turned unique in Google’s eyes. Smart internet marketers who plr niche blogs turn a pre-made blog template into unique blogs, allowing them to quickly market into new niches with minimal investment of time or money.

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