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I'm an artist and illustrator, originally from the UK, living in Israel since 1993. Recently, I've been working on illustrations for the Bible (Old Testament), and have now finished all Five Books! My art, in general, is inspired by the history and landscape of the Holy Land, and my passion is to paint vibrant and lively images, which, by telling a story are accessible and meaningful.

After gaining experience as solo designers, in 2014 chance brought us together to work as a creative collective – as far as one can say of course that chance exists at all ;) The desire to launch M2V as a joint brand came up naturally during a fashion master class we happened to attended. Despite not knowing each other previously, our teamwork was fluid, cheerful and gave astonishing results. This is when we felt beyond doubt that none of us is as smart and talented as all of us! Ever since, all other numerous doubts along the way of aspiring young designers we fight back as one

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