DARWIN Bootstrap HTML5 social eCommerce template Documentation [ Responsive ]

Getting Started


Thank you for your purchase and Welcome to the family.

We believe it is everyone's right to get access to quality Premium products at lower price. Our template DARWIN. is one such Marvel. We've bundled everything you need to start your store online in these suite of 15 pages. The power of Darwin lies in it's simplicity and it's flexibility. What's in the Darwin Package:

  • Set of 15 Page HTML5 layouts that you can use on your eCommerce platform.
  • Well documented and Commented code
  • 6 Months of Updates on the base product.
  • Unlimited Happiness

It's pretty much ready to roll out.


  • Powerful Social eCommerce Layout that facilitates community building and selling.
  • Well structured code that let's you easily integrate with any CMS you've built. (We also have other version of Darwin on: ANGULARJS)
  • Happily meets Search Engine Optimization and social SEO standards for easy discoverability.
  • Clean user layout that clearly respects the device width and adapts to it. (RESPONSIVE)
  • Heatmap test based element positioning for better interactivity with your visitors.


  • The latest version of Bootstrap always powers DARWIN.
  • Enjoy great customizability in every inch of the pixel of the template.
  • Social eCommerce layout that follows the latest trend in design
  • All the power and flexibility of HTML5+Css3+Bootstrap
  • Easy install; 100% integration
  • Facility to customize images and other assets.


Please see the licensing document to Learn more.

Customizing Darwin

You can customize Darwin to your liking, the css, images files, js, fonts are all packaged in their respective folders.

  • We recommend using modern browsers to best view the design
  • Latest technologies power the template.

You get following pages in this suite, which are pre-built for your requirement.


  • Homepage
  • Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • All Shops Page
  • Seller Page
  • Tracking Page
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Password Reset
  • Order Successful
  • Terms and Conditions
  • User Settings
  • Signup With Email
  • Search Page


  • Opening the File
Unzip the file
and open the required
file to edit
  • Notepad++
You can use any text processor like Notepad, Sublime text or Notepad++ etc to edit the files. Since all the files and assets are structured in a easy way to understand, you can maintain their path for easier understanding. But you're free to change that. :)

    Enabling Multi-Vendor and Single Vendor

    • Multi-Vendor
    Darwin is built for ease of use, the required templates are already present to make your store a multi-vendor one. If you choose to use it as a single vendor store, you can do so very easily.
    • Single Vendor
    To use the template suite for your single vendor shopping cart, you will have to make minimal edits to the home page where you should remove
    elements on the right side. Also, remove the
    and use rest of the files for your template.


    • Updates Delivery
    We offer regular updates and bug fixes. Once an update is available, we will send you a notification with the link to download the update.
    • Updating the files
    Before Updating the files, we recommend you to take a backup. You can replace the affected files separately when there is a major update, You will have to replace the entire theme files.
    P.s: Any customization you make will get erased if you update all the files or any specific file that has customizations. If you need help, do get an expert help.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Apache Server / NGINX or any HTTP / HTTP/2 server
    • Can be used as a standalone or for any CMS

This documentation is for DARWIN, a responsive Bootstrap HTML5 social ecommerce template. For help with AngularJS, ReactJS, Shopify version's please see their respective documentations.