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Incredible product review wordpress theme with extensive affiliate options !

Setup your review site in a snap using this powerful product review wordpress theme . Its equipped with all affiliate features as well to get your conversions happening .


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Product review wordpress theme that works fantastic as an affiliate wordpress theme as well

Wordpress business theme __________________________________________________________________________ What do you get in this killer deal ? – The dynamic product review / affiliate wordpress theme ( worth $45 ) – The celebrated WordPress In post Ads plugin ( worth 14$ ) Check more details of this plugin HERE . – Turnkey app to make your WordPress site to an iPhone app in minutes ( worth 49$ ) Check more details of this slider HERE . – The most wanted WordPress attention grabber plugin ( worth 14$ ) Check more details of this plugin HERE . Got any Queries ?  shoot a mail to us :  [email protected] __________________________________________________________________________ Product review wordpress theme Top 7 reasons why you should get this incredible product review wordpress theme : – Extremely SEO friendly ( Every element in the theme has been audited by SEO experts ) – 1 Click installation : Setup your product review wordpress theme in minutes and also use it as an affiliate wordpress theme . – All major affiliate programs support are built in . – Upon installation this sleek product review wordpress theme gets loaded with generic content and images ( Hit the road running ! ) – The power is yours : This product review wordpress theme enables you to put in videos , Opt-in forms , Product images – anything you want . Totally flexible ! – Use this product review wordpress theme to make any number of websites ( no restrictions ) – Compatible to the latest version of wordpress .


The top 3 reasons we chose to give away this amazing product review wordpress theme along with the valuable products as a deal are :

– A lot of users have been mailing us to bring in a high quality product review wordpress theme that can be used as an affiliate wordpress theme as well  . We searched the web and found the themes made by Inkthemes are one of the best product review wordpress theme . – Affiliate is the main source of income for many internet marketers . So we wanted to give a high quality affiliate wordpress theme that can instantly help our customers to setup their commission and review site . We have bundled this offer with a suite of value adding plugins to get even more productivity . – Coupled with the suite of value adding products , this incredible product review wordpress theme will for sure help a lot of people achieve their goal . This the Gentle Ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples lives .


Where can I see the Demo of the this product review wordpress theme ?

Please CLICK HERE to check out the DEMO .  

When I click the BUY NOW button , it takes me to . What is happening ?

No worries . This deal is for promoting the amazing product review wordpress themes from Inkthemes . Once you click the BUY NOW button , you will be redirected to . You can pay directly to the vendor and your theme will be delivered . Note : Please navigate to by clicking the BUY NOW button . Only then the other 3 other products will be coupled in this offer.  

How easy is it to customize this product review wordpress theme ?

Using this elegant product review wordpress theme you can build your site with all the customization you want . You can upload your own Logos, insert Google Analytics Codes, write your own Custom CSS etc.  

Can I use this product review wordpress theme as an affiliate wordpress theme also ?

Yes absolutely . Its loaded with all the features you would need to use it as an affiliate wordpress theme .  

How can I make money with this product review wordpress theme ?

Users are always on the constant lookout to read product reviews before taking a decision on buying them . This is where the powerful SEO friendly product review wordpress theme comes into action . Once users read the review you have posted about a product , they will definitly click on the affiliate link you have provided in the review . They purchase – you make money ! This powerful affiliate wordpress theme constructed with design principles that place your affiliate links in the most relevant click through areas on the page .  

Is this product review wordpress theme SEO friendly ?

That’s the first thing we look into ( One of the reasons to have it in WordPress ) . All the SEO elements in this affiliate wordpress theme are placed appropriately and audited by SEO experts .  

On how many domains can I use this product review wordpress theme ?

Un-limited . Feel free to use this amazing product review wordpress theme on un-limited concurrent domains .  

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