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Your product video presentation turned into reality

A Cool video presentation for your company that’ll make you stand out of the crowd. + a video promotion package to make your product video popular on Youtube !


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Don’t slack behind competitors, equip yourself or your company with a ,

splendid product video presentation !

Product video production

_____________________________________________________________________________ What do you get in this awesome Deal ? – A fabulous Video product Presentation/ Intro video ( worth 199$ ) – Rendered in 1080p HD & 1920×1080 ( worth 49$ ) – 10,000 Youtube views to your video ( worth 299$ ) Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] _____________________________________________________________________________ A company needs to communicate to people about its product in the least possible timeframe. While loads of content write up can help you;  a shorter, attractive visual presentation can be effective in garnering the much needed attention your product requires. You might have seen companies like apple, Google and the others have a video for all their product, apart from a huge page to fit in all the write up feature description. And even though there is a huge following of people who wouldn’t mind browsing through the whole site to read through, yet the companies spend time creating videos. Ever Wondered why?

That’s the impact a Video Presentation has.

An average internet surfer allocates only a few seconds of his time to browse through content on any given site he randomly comes across. And this is the time he allocates for you to display what your product is all about, before he jumps over to another provider. And a video does the trick swiftly in convincing him to stay back. “So my product needs a video too.”  [ OK , Now we are on the same page 🙂 ] Interesting idea.. you think. ” how do i go about it?” . Well, a classy video presentation from our Editors is your answer. Nothing beats a well edited video that tells everything about your product. What do you guys offer? Our expert Video Presentation editors who have been doing this day in and day out will help you bring out the best video presentation of your product; with your inputs they’ll create an eye catching video which will reflect and highlight your product. is that all? Now that your video is ready.  Shouldn’t it be popular? That’s right, Included is a YouTube Promotion package. After your video is ready our marketing experts will promote your video on YouTube to get it 10,000 views ! All you need to provide us is: – Information about your product with any feature highlights / slides you have. – Images / Videos about your product which can be incorporated in the Presentation video. – Company information, website etc. – Any design inputs you have in mind. – Your YouTube channel URL (for YouTube Video promotion). *Please see FAQ section if you have any questions regarding this product. If it isn’t answered, you are most welcome to contact us anytime. 🙂        


– Video Presentations have the ability to reflect the status of the company. A good product video presentation can create a positive impression on the viewer’s mind. – A High quality Product video presentation enables you to communicate efficiently about your product to the visitor. – We get a lot of requests often to make available a high quality and economical Product video Presentation service. We believe that this product will add value to YOUR business.


Who is this service for? For anyone. Really, anyone who wishes to have a introduction/ presentation video about their product, service, website etc anything you can imagine to communicate and highlight their service or feature. How will a the Product Video Presentation help me? If you are an expert, you’d be knowing by now how important the time factor is in convincing your potential customer to say yes before they turn over to your competitors. If you aren’t yet, we just gave you a great tip on your way to become one. Product Video presentations can impress your visitors right on. Visuals have always worked for many business. In fact it’s better than a huge write up. What kind of media will i be able to use? Apart from the Key feature highlights Add images, video, sound(optional) How is the quality of the video being made? The product video presentation will be submitted to you in real high quality . We are speaking about 1080p HD & 1920×1080 .

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