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Rule the WEB with this Trendy Reddit clone script

Become the GOD of TRAFFIC with this elegant and powerful Reddit clone script

– Its Responsive & Multi-lingual
– Has lucrative monetization channels
– Extremely SEO friendly


Integration Time

30 minutes

Saves You

360 hours


Start a Reddit like Social Bookmarking site with this powerful

Reddit clone script

Reddit clone script

What do you get in this incredible deal  ?

– An amazing RESPONSIVE Reddit clone script ( worth $1000 )

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Reddit clone script


Top 3 reasons to have this Reddit clone script as a deal here are :

– Social bookmarking is an evergreen niche on the internet and it has the potential to attract millions of visitors easily. Many have been asking us to bring a Social Bookmarking script deal like Reddit. We found the products from this team outstanding.

– This Reddit clone script has all the bells and whistles of social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg etc. and also the elegant looks of ShareBloc

– This Reddit clone script has great monetizing options and also the folks behind this script are experts in programming who also offer great customer support !


When is the launch date of this incredible Reddit clone script ?

The development on this amazing Reddit clone script is happening fast and is done by experts. The launch date is June 20th.

What are the features that comes in this Reddit clone script ?

This powerful Reddit clone script covers all the features in Reddit. Some of the most interesting features to highlight are :

Seamless Bookmarking : Users can effortlessly bookmark any website using this extensive Reddit clone script.

Create categories : Your site visitors can easily create any number of categories inside this turn-key Reddit clone script. Once categories are created they can post content inside the newly created categories or in existing categories.

Ask a Question : Present in this intuitive Reddit clone script is a module for users to Ask a question as well and start a discussion on the same.

Follow Categories / users : Your site visitors can also Follow categories to get latest trending updates posted by the community -or- they can follow specific users as well in the community to get continues updates from them.

Voting system : Users can choose to Up-vote -or- Down vote any topic / link posted in the site. This incredible Reddit clone script also has built in algorithm to rank articles / posts based on the number of up-votes or down-votes also taking in the consideration of the number of views / comments on each post.

User profiles : This fantastic Reddit clone script also has options for users to create exciting profiles of themselves and their profile page will also show the posts by them and the topics / people they follow.

Social elements : The most important element in any Social bookmarking site is Traffic. We understand that and we have equipped this entire Reddit clone script to have Social share / Invite features from all Social bodies – so posters and visitors can easily share the pages on a click – on their favorite social media site.

Stunning Dashboard : Each user in this powerful Reddit clone script will have an extensive Dashboard to manage their account settings, Posts, activities etc.

Invite features : Also present in this incredible Reddit clone script are options for users to invite their friends from any emails account, Social network etc.

Ads / Banners : This amazing Reddit clone script has modules to add banners, Ad scripts from leading Ad providers to monetize the site easily.

Sponsored content : Also present in this Reddit clone script are options for users to Pay & push their listing to TOP of their category . Users can pay using any Payment gateway in the world.

Responsive Layout : This elegant Reddit clone script is built on a beautiful Responsive layout, so the site opens seamlessly on any mobile or hand held devices.

Multilingual : This Reddit clone script is made to be Multi-lingual, so any user from any part of the world can access and post content effortlessly.

RSS : Each and every category, Main site, User topics is equipped with RSS feeds, so people can burn / subscribe to any feed of their choice.

Email subscription : This Reddit clone script has promiment Email subscription modules directly connected to Mail Chimp or Mail Gun, so your visitors can subscribe to email notifications and you can send out Auto-mailers and attract traffic.

Extensive Admin Panel : In this powerful Reddit clone script you get an extensive and robust admin panel to manage the site end-to-end !

Notifications : Your site users get a NOTIFICATIONS module like in Facebook. Via. this they can get the most recent activity happening on the site and from the categories / people they follow.

– Multi-Lingual : You can instantly convert this Reddit clone to any language of your choice !

On what technology is this Reddit clone script built ?

This incredible Reddit clone script is built on PHP/MySQL. It runs great on any LAMP server.

How is the support for this amazing Reddit clone script ?

The folks developing this Reddit clone script are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support !

How are the updates handled for this Reddit clone script ?

As with all our products, Every customer gets life time FREE upgrades.

Do you do customization ?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate.

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