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Make your site responsive with an elegant HTML5 template

Get your website compatible across all devices and lightning fast with a splendid responsive HTML5 template


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Get your visitors eyes stuck on your website !

Yes with this sleek premium HTML5 template your website will for sure stand out elegantly . What more ? to make your life even easy …its in WORDPRESS ! —————————————————————————————————————— Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— .  This amazing template is totally responsive – it works like a charm on all  mobile and hand held devices . So let your users browse your website in any device and it will automatically fit in to their screen . Go on open the Demo in your iPhone ( or any mobile device ) and check it out in action . Tremendous creative effort has been put in this premium html5 template to bring in required sharp and professional user interface , at the same time has the happy mood finishing to give your website that pleasant touch . What do you get in this deal ? * An elegant premium HTML5 responsive template with tons of features – worth ( 59 $ )
– The template is a  responsive WordPress template ( So you can install it in your WordPress site ) * A WordPress notification bar , which is directly controlled from the admin panel ( as seen on the top of this page ) – worth 49$ Check out the details of this plugin HERE . * An attached Blog that comes with an ” In post Ads ” plugin , so you can promote certain pages of your website or offers inside your blog – worth ( 49 $ ) * Multi language Support plugin : Comes with top 75 different languages , so your users from any country can easily get a translated version of your site – worth ( 39 $ ) * Chat widget to host your own chat sessions , so you can interact with your users any time ( its extremely configurable from the Admin panel ) – worth ( 39$ ) Now that is a complete suite ! What are the killer features present in this Amazing html5 responsive template ? – Fully responsive WordPress template . – Loaded with powerful SEO elements in each page . – Has social links to take your site viral . – Multi grid sliders which are completely responsive ( slider images and content can be configured from the admin panel ) – Slick blog with “In post Ads ” – A suite of styled widgets . – Configurable breadcrumbs for easy navigation . – All required pages . – Photo album with a gallery ( also can bring in video ) – Packed with Google fonts – Has multisite support . – Options to create dynamic portfolios with flexible sorting options ( unlimited ) – Multi language support . – Extreme styling options – An advanced & user friendly Admin panel and many more sleek features !


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this amazing HTMl5 Templates service as a deal are : – We love HTML5 and We are promoters of Html5, and we’ve been in love with the standard ever since it came into being. It offers a lot of possibilities it offers in terms of flexibility, clean code, canvas capabilities (Yea, you can make amazing stuff using that). – Websites are quickly getting converted to this new trend . We don’t want our users to be left behind . – We have been getting tons of requests from customers to bring in a kick ass , high quality deal on the same . – This deal is of true value to people’s businesses and will have a lot of positive impact .


What is HTML5 and CSS3 ?

HTML5 is a markup language and the fifth version of the HTML standards . One of the main aims of HTML5 was to improve HTML to support latest multimedia and making the content readable and accessible by robots as well . CSS3 is the latest standard in CSS which gives great importance for the presentation semantics of a particular web page written in any markup language .Content rich web pages with light weight code can be done using CSS3 which can give out better and fancier user interfaces that loads fast . HTML5 and CSS3 are often used together to bring out the best of the best features and elegance in any web design or template .

What is the advantage of HTML5 over Flash ?

The multimedia content in Flash is not accessible by crawlers . Flash consumes high computing resources which makes it very heavy for portable devices like Smart phones etc.  Flash is a proprietary software of Adobe systems and comes as a plugin to the browser . On the other hand HTML5 is a plugin free structure and enables multimedia content that can be easily read by humans and computers as well , making it very powerful . The features of HTML5 are architected to be light weight , so it makes the perfect choice over flash for mobile devices .

What is a HTML5 template ?

A template that is built following HTML5 standards is a HTML5 template . A html5 template is cross browser friendly the multi media content in the site ( Videos , Music , Animation etc. ) can be accessed on mobile devices as well . More over a HTML5 template makes your web site extremely light weight and helps it open up lightening fast .

What is a html5 responsive template ?

The power of HTML5 and CSS3 combined with responsiveness makes it a html5 responsive template . A responsive website automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the device the website is opened in . When designing the website responsive elements are put in so the template becomes a html5 responsive template . Once a website is done responsive it adjusts itself when opened in any device , especially mobile devices . So there is no need to create a separate site for mobile devices . Designing a website using a Html5 responsive template is the latest trend .

Can responsive web design templates be done not using HTML5 as well ?

Yes responsive web design templates can be done without using HTML5 as well . Designing responsive web design templates is a way of designing using CSS and it can be done on normal HTML as well . But combining the power of HTML5 gives the Website more power and elegance .

What are responsive WordPress templates ?

WordPress is a universally used CMS and is famous for its versatility and power . Nearly one third of the web runs on WordPress as per stats . Designers have now started bringing in the responsive nature to the WordPress templates they design . So its called responsive WordPress templates . This makes your WordPress site compatible on mobile devices as well and across all browsers .

Do you design premium html5 templates as well ?

Yes we do design Premium HTML5 templates as well . In fact most of the HTML5 templates we do are premium html5 templates . We can also make exclusive premium html5 templates for you where in its done only for you and is not showcased or sold to any one else . Our experts analyze your business vertical and your need and go to the drawing boards to come up with an exclusive premium html5 template for you or your business .

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Responsive html5 templates

Welcome to the world of HTML5 templates . We are Web 2.0 designers who have near 10 years experience in designing templates for various websites and CMS’s through out our experience . We have designed some of the top selling HTML5 Templates on marketplaces like Monster templates , Theme forest etc. Our team has a innovative designers who can bring in the real world with all  its beauty onto your webpage . The designers in our network are experts when it comes to designing Responsive web templates on HTML5 . We have designed on demand premium html5 templates for folks around the globe .

What are our skill sets ?

We have experts who can design mind blowing html5 templates . Each HTML5 template designed has a unique signature which will get visitors eye balls stuck on your Website . Each HTML5 responsive template is one of its kind and is compatible across mobile devices and browsers . The responsive web design templates designed by us are used by various happy customers . We also have great expertise in designing responsive WordPress templates .Which every template marketplace you go online has plenty of HTML5 templates submitted by our experts . Following are some of the site done using a HTML5 . Check it out to get a feel : Toyota prius projects lost worlds fairs The wilderness down town Agent 8 ball

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