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  • 10Clouds Blockchain Development Company Review

    10Clouds provides a melange of blockchain services with expertise in multiple domains.

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    DApp Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Blockchain Design

    Private Blockchain Development

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    With a plethora of blockchain companies around us, it is now a daunting task for a business to find the one that is doing an exceptional job today. Selecting the right company for blockchain services are necessary for modern businesses. The blockchain technology is very much famous its capability to decentralize power from the existing authorities.

    If you are looking for a blockchain development company, we have summarized the services of 10Clouds Development Company.

    10Clouds Blockchain Development Company

    10Clouds is a team comprised of seasoned blockchain developers and designers. The software engineers at 10Clouds have built a blockchain decentralized marketplace for Adshares. The platform connects advertisers to publishers and allows the deals to take place in cryptocurrencies.

    10Clouds was established in 2009, and since then has delivered numerous projects across all sizes and industries. Some of the companies they have worked for are Pinterest, Asmodee, universities and a few non-profit organizations.

    They have the right skill sets in developing blockchain solutions right from ICO Launch to building a cryptocurrency exchange from the base.

    Here in this article, we review the blockchain services and some other noteworthy services offered by 10Clouds. Also, we will be discussing some of the company’s notable blockchain projects.

    Services Offered by 10Clouds Blockchain Development Company

    Services Offered by 10Clouds

    The experienced blockchain developers, designers, are ready to deliver blockchain services across multiple domains like Healthcare, Education, FinTech, Advertising, and Logistics.

    Here are the services 10Clouds offers expertise in:

    1.ICO Development and Launch: Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are transforming the fundraising mechanism for startups and other crypto-based projects.

    10Clouds holds expertise in developing successful ICOs. The ICO experts help in all stages of ICO development; right from the idea creation to ICO Marketing. The development company assists in validating the token business model, create designs and prepare for the final launch.

    2.Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: For a business to be a part of the billion dollar revolution, creating a cryptocurrency exchange is a must. Crypto-exchanges are a platform that facilitating in buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies.

    10Clouds assists in designing and developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform powered by KML and AML solutions, also, support to popular cryptocurrencies and payment methods.

    3.DApp Development: Decentralized applications or dApps connect users and providers directly, without any middlemen. They are governed by a single entity, making them extremely safe and secure.

    10Clouds handles DApp development from whitepaper, and design to blockchain integration and much more.

    4.Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Cryptocurrency wallets are software programs storing private and public keys that interact with blockchain, facilitating users to monitor, send and receive digital currencies.

    10Clouds build secure wallets that support Multi Sig or even integrate with hardware wallets allowing users to store their cryptocurrencies.

    5.Smart Contract Development: Smart Contracts are the digital protocols built for evaluating conditions of a legal contract between parties.

    10Clouds assist in developing such contracts with a proper understanding and technical knowledge by an experienced team that takes care of the project.

    6.Private Blockchain Development: Blockchains that are typically owned and controlled by organizations are Private Blockchain.

    10Clouds assist in setting up a private blockchain and create secure decentralized databases for a business to store data, manage supply chains or handling of transactions without having to risk privacy.

    7.Blockchain Design: 10Clouds includes a team of designers that create astonishing user interfaces tailored to the product, along with memorable branding and an intuitive UX.

    Other Notable Services Offered by 10Clouds

    Besides Blockchain Development services, 10Clouds offers a melange of other services to businesses across multiple sectors.

    We have gathered a list of services it offers apart from Blockchain Development:

    1.Mobile Development: 10Clouds designs mobile applications be it for smartphones, tablets or wearables. They develop mobile applications for clients to reach their customers through Android, iOS and cross-platform solutions.

    2.Product Design: Their product design team is excelled in delivering aesthetic interfaces fused with the fascinating user experience. Their core competencies lie in services like User Experience Design, Web and Mobile Interface Design, Google Design Sprint and Motion Design.

    3.Machine Learning: With 10Clouds’ assistance in Machine Learning, clients get their applications to reach the next level with cutting-edge solutions. They provide their expertise in Deep Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and ARKit & Core ML for iOS.

    4.Web Development: 10Clouds provides both back-end and front-end development services. The web developers develop web applications with bulletproof code and captivating interfaces based upon responsive web designs.

    They hold their expertise in Python & Javascript Development; Angular, React & Vue Development, etc.

    5.DevOps: 10Clouds’ developers and operations alliance together to build highly available and reliable infrastructure, along with delivering digital products or services more rapidly.

    The DevOps services they provide are Developing DevOps culture, in both private and public cloud; CI/CD processes; Monitoring and Maintenance.

    Why should you choose 10Clouds?

    There are a plethora of reasons why a business must choose 10clouds to develop blockchain products. The services we mentioned above are enough to prove their expertise in blockchain technology.

    10Clouds is continually learning about the revolutionary technology as it is active within the community and recognized within the hackathons, meetups and blockchain-related events. The development company’s blockchain experts are well-trained in utilizing modern, secure and reliable technologies

    10Clouds has also garnered several awards and acknowledgments for the development services it has to offer; Clutch Leading Agency of 2017 & 2018, Deloitte 50 Fastest Growing in CEE, and Financial Times’ Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies.

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    What are the technologies used by 10Clouds in a blockchain project?

    10Clouds’ blockchain developers build solutions using secure and reliable technologies like Solidity, Hyperledger, Node JS, Gnosis, BlockCypher and other such technologies in the successful deployment of a blockchain project.

    How do I get in touch with the sales team at 10Clouds?

    You connect with the 10Clouds Sales Team by calling them on +48 575 909 903, or you can also drop them a mail at