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  • 3Commas Review

    Popular among trading enthusiasts. Lets take a quick and detailed view of this cryptocurrency trading bot: 3Commas.

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  • Un-biased Review on the crypto trading bot platform 3Commas

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    This one is cute. Our trading experts have played around the 3Commas trading bot for past couple months. Checkout the critic reviews of this crypto trading bot platform.

    Why you should choose this?

    * Open comparison of strategies ( 8 / 10 )

    You get a chance to checkout other bots performance metrics and also their strategies. You can compare various bots performance to performance tune your bot strategy. This is helpful to reach profit generation quickly. Also gives a community feel with a feel good factor.

    * Pricing ( 7 / 10 )

    For the sophisticated platform you get, the pricing is relatively cheaper compared to competition. We also did notice that 3Commas has made it a practice to constantly give away discounts and offers. Following their social media angles will soon fetch you an amazing deal. ( Twitter: @3commas_io | Telegram: )

    * Risk management ( 7 / 10 )

    Cryptocurrency prices can be extremely volatile and fluctuating. In a blink of an eye prices can change for good or bad. 3Commas offers enough features for you to control your trading risk. The Stop Loss and limit features offered helps new traders to proceed with caution. Also you can set to buy/ sell at multiple target levels in percentage or real value. The 3 different types of Bots the platform offers is a refreshing addition. Based on your risk appetite you setup the dollar cost averaging bot to trade on pre-built and time tested trading algorithms. You can quickly setup your bot to run on a conservative or aggressive trading strategy.

    * Manual & Automated trading ( 7 / 10 )

    The smart trade feature helps experienced traders to tweak the bot strategy conveniently. The crypto trading bot can be set to hit precise targets and also put in a gamble mode to receive unexpected profits during quick sharp mark price gains and drops. The automated crypto trading bots also come with a plethora of flexible features. One can easily setup bots to execute long short calls automatically. Bots can be set to coordinate and act based on signals from Trading view.

    * Notifications ( 7 / 10 )

    Should give it to 3Commas for the incredible notifications layer they have built. No matter what you do or where you are, 3Commas keeps you notified on every channel of what is happening with your money.

    * Mobile apps ( 7 / 10 )

    The 3Commas mobile apps is a pleasant gift for its users. Though the apps need a lot more improvement in terms of stability and performance. The team behind 3Commas are aggressive and keep launching new releases of the mobile apps constantly.

    * Connectivity ( 9 / 10 )

    The 3Commas crypto trading bot connects with nearly all the known cryptocurrency exchanges present in the world. Allows you to connect with nearly 25+ exchanges currently. They keep adding more exchanges quickly.

    * Support and knowledge base ( 8 / 10 )

    The customer support offered by 3Commas is splendid. You get instant reply and help on any question you have. They also provide extensive training materials and documentation to learn from. The video tutorials are awesome as well.

    Needs Improvement:

    * Chart Tools ( 6 / 10 )

    Its a known issue in 3Commas that the charts you spend time setting up get erased upon closing the screen. Every time you go online again, you goto spend time setting it up again. There needs to be a way to maintain the chart tools created.

    * Trial period ( 5 / 10 )

    The free trial period offered is very less. By the time you setup your account and finished reading about the platform, your trial period is expired! its like hardly just 3 days. Its better for new users to first read everything and understand the platform before setting up the trial account. Or even better if 3Commas can increase the trial period significantly.

    * Bot customization ( 5 / 10 )

    We feel the bots must be more customizable. Especially when you are a newbie you would miss out many important things like the commission on each trade, which can affect profit margins. Apart from just allowing the flexibility to add funds to running bots, would be great if you would be able to tweak the Stop Loss etc. of a bot while its running.

    * Visibility ( 5 / 10 )

    This again is with newbies in mind. It would be awesome to have a lot of elementary visibility in the bot. And less technical jargon’s. People should be able to see the stop loss in money value than just percentage. Like mentioned earlier, the possibility to modify metrics like ‘Take Profit’ without creating new or deleting existing ones is a must.

    * Bugs ( 5 / 10 )

    As with any SAAS platform, 3Commas do have some annoying bugs that pop up now and then. We understand that the team is taking all steps to keep correcting them. But it is for sure a concern when you sometimes loose money because of these errors and latency.

    * Quick composite bot setup ( 6 / 10 )

    The composite Bots are real good. But needs improvement in many verticals. Selecting multiple pairs from an exchange at one go is a required feature.

  •   SETUP TIME: Less than 30 mins.

      SAVES YOU: Many Hours Of Manual Trading.

  • Compatibility

    We tried used this powerful Crypto Trading Bot on the following devices and applications:

    * Desktop: Works perfectly on all major browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.

    * Mobile: The Apps work good on Android and Apple iPhone.

    * Tablets: Tried using the browser based application on iPad and Android tablets. Was smooth and worked real well.

  • What is 3Commas?

    All experts agree that the post pandemic world will embrace cryptocurrency like never before. When it comes to cryptocurrency the most common activity done by most is trading. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, Kraken,, Coinbase, Newton,VirgoCX, Blockchain etc. Everyday millions of people buy and sell Crypto on these exchanges for profit. Like in the normal securities market, trading crypto on Cryptocurrency exchanges has picked up mainstream. While such trade is done manually, many innovative companies have started providing an automated way to make such trading happen. It is done via. crypto trading bots. One such incredible platform to automate your trade using bots is 3Commas. This 3Commas review would help you understand the salient features provided by this crypto trading bot. 3Commas is an EU based company and provides service to audience worldwide.

    Quick Tip to anyone at 3Commas: There seems to be a lot of dependence of Trading view signals. 3commas should start having their own expert analyzed BUY / SELL signals. The Profit and Loss percentage should be shown clearly with proper management and statistics reports. This will give traders more grip and understanding. Also all features on the web,Android and IOS versions need to be in sync. Often some features are missing across different devices. Also the entire UI, UX and even the user guides does not seem to be Newbie friendly ( I know this part is very hard, as the team tries their best to make it as easily understandable as possible ). But still even the user guides cant be understandable to anyone who wants to just step in crypto trading. Even for an experienced person, he needs time to understand and start making profit. For beginners it can be a nightmare. Best way to solve it is, hire someone with NILL knowledge and ask him to learn and execute things and document the whole process. Simple.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I integrate Trading View web hooks with my 3Commas crypto trading Bot?

    Yes. Trading View is considered one of the leaders in the Cryptocurrency space when it comes to providing buy sell signals. Trading view offers many indicators using which a trader can setup their strategy. 3Commas trading bot allows users to integrate trading view’s technical indicators to their Bots via. web hooks. Its simple and straight forward. Even beginners can quickly integrate in a few steps. Once integrated your 3commas bot will start receiving signals and alerts from trading view in real time. Based on your custom setup, the crypto trading bots will open and execute trades based on the alerts and signals that come in.



    How do I set a partial or customized Take Profit ( TP ) target?

    Currently the only option to TP is 100% ( and seems the team behind 3commas is working on this with their ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ bot ). But there is a work around. If you have a live trade happening, you can configure customized TP targets. This is done by clicking the ‘Convert to Smart Trade’ button on the trade that is currently set.

    How do I do risk free trading on 3commas?

    Well the answer is YES & NO 🙂 Just be consistent with small profits and dont bet big -or- go all in. Follow a disciplined approach to trading even if you are tempted to go all in. Take advantage of the ‘Trailing’ and ‘Safety Orders’ features. And you understand things more, you will be able to minimize your risk.

    What other good Cryptocurrency trading platforms are present to compare?

    Yes. Check out this post on the top 5 Crypto Bot trading platforms. You can get a 360 degrees view to help your decision making process.