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  • Academy LMS Course Forum Addon Review

    Start a well integrated discussion forum right inside Academy LMS with this Addon

  • Academy LMS Course Forum Review


    Have questions, Shoot a mail to [email protected]

    What do you get?

    This Kickass Academy LMS Course forum Add-on has

    – Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    – Master Admin Panel ( for controlling the entire platform end-to-end )

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    – Paid Installation Service Available ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

    Questions? Shoot a mail to [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIMELess than 60 mins

      SAVES YOU: 350 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Core Language: PHP 7.x
    Front end: Html5/Css

    Framework: CodeIgniter

    Database: MySQL

    Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

    Product type: Add-on Module ( Needs Academy LMS to run)

  • Description

    Academy LMS Course Forum Addon Review

    Academy LMS Course forum addon allows anyone to integrate a forum within the Academy Learning Management System. The product is quite easy to integrate and has been tested to work with Academy LMS (Check the demo). When enabled, the module adds an intuitive discussion forum for all the courses present on the site. Users who are signed in can asks questions within the course, comment on the course and have a discussion over the course material. The user interface is rather modern and even has the upvoting feature that allows other community members who have access to the course to upvote the answer signaling that it’s a quality comment.

    What is Academy LMS Course forum Addon?
    Academy Learning Management System is a script that makes it easier for any teacher, entrepreneur to start an online classroom/ learning management platform. The forum addon is quite useful for enabling discussions on the site. Also, it’s great for SEO 🙂 . 


    Academy LMS Forum Addon

    How it works

    Step 1:  Academy LMS should be pre-installed in your server

    Step 2: Download and install the addon to your academy LMS portal

    Step 3: If you have created a course, go to it’s lesson playing page

    Step 4: Navigate to the below section of lesson list

    Step 5: Here you can ask a new question, watch the previously posted questions

    Step 6: Click on a discussion thread to watch old replies or to post a new reply

    Step 7: You can upvote on other’s answers too

    What are the features of the Academy LMS forum Addon?
    Featured comments

    Most upvoted answers are featured on the top, a course creator can also feature the comments.

    Users can upvote on comments that they like.

    Users can downvote on comments that they don’t like.

    Threaded Comments

    Threaded comments are faster to load on the site and makes it easier to view comments.

    Comment moderation

    Administrators, Course creators and moderators can moderate the forum to avoid any inappropriate content.

    Report comments

    Users can report comments that are inappropriate and not meant for the site. 

    Course integration 
    The forum is well integrated into each course page and works in sync with the admin & moderation panel of Academy LMS.

    Easy to install
    After the plugin has been uploaded, the plugin can be enabled from the admin panel.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the server requirements for this Academy LMS Course Forum Addon?
    You can use a VPS with 4vCPU, 4GB Ram and above, 120 GB RAM to run the Perfex CRM and then install this module. Here’s a discounted VPS link that works great with the product

    What are the software requirements for this self-hosted forum addon?
    The Academy LMS is mandatory for the add-on to work. The software requirements are PHP, MYSQL and the installing the dependencies for CodeIgniter

    Do you offer customization on the product?

    Yes we do. Please get in touch with the team to discuss about your idea before we start customizing the product for you.

    Can you help install the script?
    Sure, we can help you with the installation of the script. Please write to us at [email protected] . Someone from our team will get in touch with you.