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  • AR Studioz Blockchain Development Company Review

    AR Studioz offers high-quality blockchain development services to businesses across several domains.

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  • Services Offered

    Public Blockchain Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Token Development

    Pre and Post ICO Services

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    Location: India, Germany

    Blockchain Technology has proved its impact in recent times and has become a necessity for businesses across various industry verticals. This revolutionary is fused with capabilities to decentralize authority through the utilization of smart contracts, cryptocurrency and asset ownership.

    There are a ton of development companies providing best in class blockchain services; however, choosing the right partner for the development can be a tedious task.

    Hence, in this article, we bring you AR Studioz, a solution-oriented team developing user-friendly mobile applications and blockchain solutions to a number of industries.

    AR Studioz Blockchain Development Company

    AR Studioz is a reasonably new company established in 2017, offering core competencies in mobile app development, augmented & virtual reality development and blockchain & cryptocurrencies development.

    AR Studioz’s developers have excelled in providing numerous blockchain-based services such as private and public blockchain development, as well as creating a cryptocurrency exchange.

    So here in this review, we discuss the above-mentioned blockchain services, and the industry it caters to.

    Services Offered by AR Studioz Blockchain Development Company

    Services Offered by AR Studioz

    AR Studioz offers clients an array of services to help them take benefit of blockchain technology. Here is a list of the services it has to offer:

    1.Public Blockchain Development: Public Blockchain offers to store information on simple cryptocurrency balances or find a solution to storing valuable assets.

    AR Studioz assists in leveraging the power of blockchain for disruptive enterprise use cases.

    2. Private Blockchain Development: Unlike the public blockchain, private blockchain network requires an authorization from the network starter. The private blockchain is commonly used in enterprise applications by financial, healthcare and other industries where scalability and security are essential.

    3. Smart Contract Development: Smart Contracts play a vital role in any blockchain based business. It is also referred to as the backbone of automation in the process.

    AR Studioz assists the entire blockchain smart contract development process right from gathering of requirements to the development and upgradation of the project.

    4. Token Development: AR Studioz help in creating a digital token to raise funds for a clients’ business. The development company builds with careful consideration of the client’s inputs, thereby designing the token and customizing as per their requirements.

    5. Pre and Post ICO Services:  AR Studioz help in offering exclusive pre and post services. Pre-ICO services like PR and Marketing, Whitepaper, ICO Customer Services, and Prospectus are provided in the Pre-ICO stage.

    For businesses that look for post-ICO services like Exchange listing assistance, Report and Summary, are offered by the experienced team of blockchain developers at AR Studioz.

    AR Studioz’ seasoned developers manage the entire end-to-end ICO activity for a successful of ICO.

    6. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: AR Studioz as a cryptocurrency exchange development company is excelled in creating a crypto exchange platform that facilitates fast and seamless transactions.

    The blockchain developers help in setting up a white-label and a state of the art exchange platform customized as per the client’s business requirements.

    Services Offered by AR Studioz in Industries

    There are a number of industries and governments adopting the blockchain technology, with the kind of advantages it brings together. Few of the benefits are rapid transactions, quick settlement, transparency in transactions, no risk of fraud, etc.

    Currently, AR Studioz has ongoing experiments across several industries to understand the significance blockchain technology gets to businesses.

    Here are few blockchain solutions AR Studioz is offering services to:

    1.Banking and Finance: Banking and Finance is clustered with a melange of challenges. Blockchain technology can help solve the challenges with solutions like instant cross-border remittances with low fee; transparency; and removing of fraudulent activities.

    With AR Studioz’s assistance, businesses in this industry can proliferate using revolutionary technology.

    2. Education: Advanced technology like artificial intelligence and blockchain play an immense role in the development of the education system. The blockchain technology can solve the following burdensome problems of education: eliminating examination paper leakage; eradicating fake cases with blockchain-based degrees and certificates.

    AR Studioz is fused with high-quality skills, having delivered blockchain solutions for business in this specific sector.

    3. Supply Chain: The current problem with the supply chain industry is the tracking of shipment to the concerned customer. The blockchain technology facilitates in eliminating the middlemen and pouring in benefits to producers; direct transactions of producers and consumers via smart contracts.

    AR Studioz assists business in implementing blockchain driven solutions that provide insights into business performance and operations.

    4. Healthcare: The healthcare backs the maximum support from the blockchain technology, as problems like identity thefts, financial data crimes, and patient’s data are often misused for reasons patient’s not having control over their data.

    AR Studioz works with providers of healthcare in delivering healthcare solutions like healthcare development platform; ERP and CRM implementation, etc.

    Why should you choose AR Studioz?

    AR Studioz empathetically states its vision is to be the world’s favourite IT company, deliver the right solution for problems that the world without the “modern” technology is facing. The development company addresses the issues by keeping efficiency and maintaining the deadline.

    Besides the blockchain technology, AR Studioz assists in the development of mobile and web app development, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality.

    With the above-listed services, the development company serves in industries like entertainment, fashion, government, etc.,

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Has the company built worked on a cryptocurrency development project before?

    AR Studioz has created a multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, etc. The application enhances the peer-to-peer crypto trading experience.

    What is the blockchain technology utilized by AR Studioz?

    AR Studioz uses numerous blockchain technologies in order to develop a blockchain development project; some of the techniques they use are Stellar, Ethereum, Hyperledger, MultiChain.