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  • Automate dealer management software review

    A perfect Dealer management software with Mobile apps and web dashboard .

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    What do you get?

    This fantastic Ready-made Equipment rental software suite comes with:

    – Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    Dealer Dashboard ( for your dealers to keep track of entire records) 

    – Life time Free upgrades / Support

    – Free Expert installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

    Questions?  shoot a mail to: [email protected] 

  •  INTEGRATION TIME  : 3 months

    • The Auto/Mate installation process includes a mix of online and in-person system training.
    • Initially the dealership team will complete the pre installation activities like data conversion,hardware installation etc.,
    • Later automate team will spend around 1 week to support installation .


  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : MySQL

    Front end  : Java

    Windows  : VC++

  • Description

    DMS refers to Dealership management system.This is a common term used in auto dealer industry. This platform helps dealers in managing their entire business,which includes various modules like vehicle inventory, finance,BHPH, customer information etc,. Earlier dealers used to have individual systems for handling different roles like customer communication management ,website, online marketing management,deals management etc., In recent days, with advancement in technology DMS can finally reach its main objective. Here dealers can manage their end to end business with a single login system. For example, a lead hitting the dealer’s website is directly given to the Dealership management system and is assigned to the corresponding sales agent automatically for further process.

    Auto/Mate, one of the industry’s first Dealership Management Systems (DMS) helps dealers to save thousands of dollars every month.They commit successful dealer relationship month-on-month through their contract structures. This includes 30-day cancellation notice and free upgrades for life .I have gone through their entire system and let me list down few of their core functionalities integrated here.

    Dashboard (DOC)

    The DMS is inbuilt with the DOC dashboard (Daily Operating Control ). The team begins their day with this dashboard ,where the data gets refreshed every five minutes to get the real time understanding of dealership performance. DOC provides graphical display to the users with the picture of all the transactions across various departments. Examples of common data sets available for display on the dashboard (DOC) includes,

    ->New vehicle sales

    ->Used vehicle sales

    ->Balance sheet

    ->Dealership Net profit etc.,


    This modules ensures that the manager has a detailed knowledge of cost/status when working a deal. In the system’s main landing page, you can find the desk log feature. This is a user-specific default view of basic information for all open deals. Data in desk log can be filtered daily/monthly/weekly basis. Details regarding  stock number, deal date, buyer, deal number, vehicle, status, department, finance type, salesperson, manager, sales dollar amount, and gross profit are all included here. Desking permits customised PDF proposal. Proposals includes various payment options,financing terms,different vehicles etc., Proposals are archived within the system if the customer does not not make any purchase. This helps in retrieving the proposals for future use.

    Booking Appointments

    Service agent can view all his appointments here. Within the dealership management system,he can choose for a standard route sheet or graphical color-coded calendar view as default appointment log. Customer’s records are given with different colors based on their status.

    • Blue – Drop off
    • Red – Waiter
    • Yellow – Comeback
    • Dashed lines – Appointment converts to RO
    • Purple – Invoiced
    • Dark Grey – Cashier/Picked-up


    Accounting module shows you the complete payable details including  transaction processing, payment processing (including EFT disbursement), file maintenance, month-ending statements and report processing (including annual tax documents). You  can easily filter any particular accounts module within the system. Your monthly invoices for the employees, or marketing expenses and all other expenses can be displayed in on set within the system.

    Report generation

    Dealership management system comprises of all user friendly modules. In the same way report generation is also designed with simplicity.Users are allowed to create custom reports or they can use standard reports. They can edit or modify the existing reports. Reports are saved within the system and its  secured with public or private view options. For further manipulation,saved reports can be exported to Excel format.

    Supported Platforms

    This dealership management system supports either client/server or cloud-based (Amazon cloud infrastructure) installations. They have used Linux operating system, which is open source. Automate platform works on Windows based PC’s and certain functionality is supported on tablet-based computers too.

    They mainly focus on Data conversion which brings all closed transactions from the previous DMS system. They do allow third party vendors to communicate in real time with the DMS and they make sure that data transactions are delivered securely.

    On top of these core functionalities, Auto/mate also provide lots of addons based on customer needs.


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  • FAQ

    Is the software available? Where do I buy one?

    Yes, the software is available. Its a Ready-made software & you can get it  here.

    Will the team help us in installation and set up?

    Yes,the team will help you out in installation and set up. In addition to that regular 7AM – 8PM Support Center,  24/7/365 emergency support will be provided.