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  • Bike Rental Manager Online Equipment Rental Software Review

    Modern Online equipment rental software to start a Bike rental service.

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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  •  INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end: PHP

    Front end: AngularJS

    Database: MySQL


  • Description

    What is Bike Rental Manager?

    Bike Rental Manager is a Bike rental management software that is used to completely manage and operate a Bike rental business. The software must have all the functionalities to handle every aspect of the bike rental business like payments, booking slot management, weekly maintenance schedule, track location of the bike (Additional Customization), return log, etc., to be considered a complete software.

    Bike Rental Manager is the only dedicated software for bike rental business. Built by the industry experts who have been in the equipment rental software industry, the script is one of their most refined products.

    Why is there a need for proper bike rental software?

    To run a bike rental business, not only the customer’s experience should be great, but also the management of the entire should be convenient. There are multiple levels of operations involved in a bike rental operation from availability check, price, variants to maintenance, insurance, and returns management. Hence, the need for a proper rental system to manage these operations becomes essential for the smooth operation of rental businesses.

    Why should you buy this Bike Rental Software?

    Increase in Revenue 

    The main advantage of Bike Rental Manager is that it saves a lot of time for you. By saving time, you can focus on other important aspects of the business that help generate revenue. It is estimated that the Bicycle Rentals market around the globe would grow at a steady pace of 20% every year owing to a lot of users who support eco-friendly initiatives. 

    Optimize assets usage

    Bike Rental Manager is designed to optimize asset usage, making sure every bicycle is rented out efficiently. This system improves the life of rental bicycles by optimally using all the bikes in the inventory. Should there be a shortage in an area where there is excess demand, the platform alerts the admin about the closest possible locations from where they can bring in unutilized bikes. 

    Checking availability in real-time ensures that there is no need for keeping bikes in reserve at times of overbooking. 

    Built by a Bike Rental Business Owner

    Bike Rental Manager is the only solution especially crafted for the bike rental market. It is built by a combined experience of a bike rental business owner who has faced challenges running the business. Making it a reliable and professional platform for bike rentals.  

    Main Features of Bike Rental Manager

    • Cloud-based software for use in any device anywhere
    • History of all transactions
    • Point of Sale
    • Generate and print invoices
    • Maintain customer database
    • Support for Multi-user
    • Maintenance Management
    • Calendar with planner showing the availability of all bikes
    • Tag bikes with custom Barcodes for easy handling.
    • Online booking wizard

  • User Reviews

  • FAQ

    How does Barcoding work for Bike Rental Manager?

    Every bicycle attached to the Bike Rental software is registered with a Barcode that can be stuck/ingrained onto the bicycle. These barcodes will be the point of entry for customers who would like to book a bicycle through your platform.

    The locks are linked to the bicycle rental management software system. A user scans the bar code after reaching the vehicle/ punches in the vehicle number present on the QR code. The vehicle unlocks itself and is available for use.

    How does the Maintenance of bicycle work?

    When the pickup truck goes to collect the bicycles for maintenance, the employee has to scan the tag to verify the bike before loading it. At the service center, they can enter the comments related to the vehicle and set the next maintenance date. This also helps keep track of the maintenance record.

    How do you book a bike in Bicycle Rental Software?

    Step 1: Create an account and log in.

    Step 2: Allow access to your location, so the bikes closest to you are shown.

    Step 3: Walk to the closest bike, scan the QR Code and then unlock the vehicle

    Step 4: Once you have completed your ride, park the bike at the designated drop off location and then you can end your rental through the app.