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  • BEX – The perfect Bitcoin Exchange Website Template

    An incredible Bitcoin Exchange Website Template to power your project. Inspired by CEX.IO

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    What do you get?

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template.

    – Bootstrap. HTML5. CSS5

    – Responsive ( Mobile friendly. Adapts automatically to any Mobile or hand held device )

    – 100% Source Code.

    – 15+ Essential Pages any Sophisticated Exchange should have ( Check the description section below for complete details )

    – SEO Friendly ( So your exchange come on top in search when Traders in your country search )

    – Life time free upgrades.

    Note: This is a Multi-Port Template ie. This Template can be readily integrated with any Cryptocurrency Exchange Script or Software available in the market.

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  • Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template to start an exchange like:

    Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 160 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template HTML


    * Version 1.6
    * Compatible with all Major Browsers
    * Responsive Layout.
    * HTML5. CSS5
    * Multi-Port ( Can be readily used on any Cryptocurrency Exchange Theme ).
    * Checked for all top security vulnerabilities: Script Injection, SQL Injection, HTML injection, Cross site scripting etc.

  • Description

    BEX is Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template that is developed by people who understand the world of Cryptocurrency. It is architected by developers who have developed and deployed Exchanges for various customers. So this incredible cryptocurrency exchange template contains all the essential pages any real-time Exchange should have. Also this bitcoin exchange theme is tested for all the possible security vulnerabilities that is possible ( So you can be sure that there wont be security issues from the frontend side of your exchange ). Here is a highlight of a few important pages present in this bitcoin exchange template:

    Bitcoin Exchange Script Php

    Home page: This fantastic Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template sports a sharp and professional Home page. The entire UX and UI of the home page is built to infuse trust in the minds of your customers. The layout accommodates all the essential elements you would need to tell your exchange visitors. Has a separate section to woo your investors on why they need to choose your exchange over other exchanges in the world. The Home page template also has place holders for displaying real-time Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price.

    Dashboard page: A user who logs in enters a clean and crisp dashboard page. Every screen in this Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template is made to get your user instantly to any screen he wants. The top section of this screen has a boxy navigation that takes your users top 3 important pages in any exchange: Buy/ Sell Section, Trading section and the Wallet section. Beneath this section the theme has the ‘Account Activity’ & the ‘Finance Activity’ sections. Studded with proper placeholders, the Dashboard page is an eye candy for your users.

    Bitcoin exchange template


    Buy – Sell Page: Call it one of the most important page in any Crypto Exchange. We have taken special care to design this screen as intuitive as possible for your user. The Buy-Sell page in this Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template, sports a bold and user friendly multi-level navigation for all elements of the screen. Whether your Users look to Buy any particular Cryptocurrency against a Fiat currency or check the current market price of Bitcoins, Ether, Ripple etc., everything is displayed on a click. The same level of navigation is also followed for the Sell process. From left to right or top to bottom, the user can capture all details in one scan.

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template


    Deposits Page: The screen where your users navigate to deposit money inside their Exchange Wallets. The Deposits page in this Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template is designed with the 360 degrees design rule. The screen is architected to show the different payment options on the left – center section, with each option when selected displaying relevant information. As the user rolls his eyes a little bit to the right, the detailed section kicks in. The UX and UI of this section is made for your user to understand numbers instantly. From available balance, Commission %age to daily, monthly limits display etc., everything is made compatible in this section. The design principles are followed for the Withdrawals page as well.

    cryptocurrency exchange theme

    Trade Page: Being a daily Crypto trader, we know the importance of the Trade page in any Bitcoin exchange. This powerful Bitcoin Exchange Website Template, has one of the most stunning Trade page design. The entire layout of this theme is made to show the Cryptocurrency pairs as clickable buttons on the top. Upon clicking a button, the section below opens up all the trading details as two sections that goes very easy on the eyes. A majority of the right-middle section employs a professional graph section with charts of trading volumes based on Time frames. Based on the sub crypto pair chosen on the left side of the screen, the graph widget can be updated.

    Bitcoin Exchange Website Template

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  • FAQ

    What are the pages included in this Cryptocurrency Exchange Template?

    Following are the pages included in this Bitcoin Exchange Website Template:

    * Home page
    * Dashboard page
    * Sign in
    * Buy/Sell Page
    * Deposits page
    * Withdrawals page
    * Add new card page
    * Trade page
    * Finance page
    * Profile page
    * Account activity page
    * Verification page
    * Social networks page

    Is this cryptocurrency exchange template compatible with any Technology?

    Yes. This powerful Bitcoin Exchange Website Template, integrates very well with any Script developed on any technology. You can easily integrate this template on scripts developed using Php, Node JS, MEAN Stack, Angular JS, Reaction JS Ruby on Rails ( ROR ) etc.

    Can I add more pages and widgets to this bitcoin exchange theme?

    Yes. You an add any number of Widgets, Graphs, Charts etc. to this incredible Bitcoin Exchange Website Template. Also since you get 100% source code, you can easily add any number of pages to the template.