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  • Blackjack Script Casino Game Development Company Review

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                                                      What do you get?

    The Products developed by the Casino Game development company offers these as a standard feature:

    – Web Front end ( A user facing website that anyone can access and play games on. )

    – IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

     Admin Panel for controlling the entire platform completly )

    – Game Manager Account (Game managers can moderate and control the game rooms.)

    – 100% Source code (Unencrypted source code)

                                                          Addon Services

    Extended Product Support (Extended Product support for the product)

    – Paid installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Products & Services Offered

                                                 Technologies used for Casino Game Development 

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template HTML


    Casino Package

    A good number of readily deployable casino that are featured in major casinos.

    HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash games can also be built and integrated into your business for an extra hand of revenue.


    Customizable casino games where cryptocurrencies are also accepted as playing currencies.

    Sports Betting

    Start your sports betting site with our turnkey sports betting software and generate revenue with every bet.

  • Description

    Blackjack script is an online casino game development company specialising in the production and customization of blackjack. Blackjack is one of the most played games in casino history. The company has a good number of clients in their portfolio who even voiced as an assurance for the company’s quality.

    Fully Customizable

    The blackjack application delivered by the company can be customised to the extreme degrees of detail. Starting from the sound of the game to the rules of the game, everything can be customized to suit the client’s requirements. The team of developers also ensure the top quality and the right flow of controls after customization of the application

    Cheat Prevention Measures

    The game has been built with high-security measures to protect players from fraudulent practices. It is one of the must-haves for every player to come and choose the platform. The business is also greatly benefitted from it as fraudulent practices can take down the entire business operation if not leashed. It is also one of the features that can draw in new players and retain them.
    The productive time that is taken to solve the complaints can be greatly utilised to improve the business.

    Basic Installation

    The application can be easily integrated into any business to improve user engagement. Basics of PHP and CSS is all one needs to integrate the game. The casino gaming company also provides installation services for minimal fees.
    Custom Design Options
    Different from regular templates, the company builds custom designs to add uniqueness to the game. Placement of decks, colour, menu choices, theme, discount poster, shuffles, counters, and every little thing can be optimized to entice the customers and to give a unique look to the game.
    Custom designing has the ability to give a new experience to the users and get them to come back.

    Buy with Bitcoin

    The software can also be bought with bitcoin. Bitcoin and altcoins can be integrated into the application and used as the wager for games. The Blockchain technology’s rising prominence is undeniable. With more people adapting to it every day, there may come a time when cryptocurrencies become the major currency. So the incorporation is highly advised.

    Qualified Team

    Blackjack script has quality teams of experts who build impeccable casino games. The games are designed and created with the utmost care to be strong technically and run forever. They also test for the quality and run many iterations to reduce the chances of errors.

    Game Engine

    The game algorithm follows the systematics of the game in real time. Nothing is left to chance and random numbers. The system is fed with a rigid rule structure for the right execution of the program. From shuffled decks to the distribution of cards, every aspect of the game of tailored manually to provide the right experience.

    HTML Blackjack

    The application is built with HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS to make it easy to integrate it into the websites. The application is also optimised for mobile phones to enable players to play whenever and everywhere they want to.


    On purchase, clear documentation on the how-to-dos and what-is-what is provided to allow activities from the client’s side. The clients don’t have to hire the development team every time they want to change something. The documentation enables them to customize the application to suit their requirements.