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  • BR Softech Casino Game Development Company Review

    BR Softech is the next level casino game development company they develop all kind of casino games like Crypto-Casino, Sports Betting and HTML5 and Flash.

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                                                      What do you get?

    The Products developed by the Casino Game development company offers these as a standard feature:

    – Web Front end ( A user facing website that anyone can access and play games on. )

    – IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

     Admin Panel for controlling the entire platform completly )

    – Game Manager Account (Game managers can moderate and control the game rooms.)

    – 100% Source code (Unencrypted source code)

                                                          Addon Services

    Extended Product Support (Extended Product support for the product)

    – Paid installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Products & Services Offered

                                                 Technologies used for Casino Game Development 

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template HTML


    Casino Package

    A good number of readily deployable casino that are featured in major casinos.

    HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash games can also be built and integrated into your business for an extra hand of revenue.


    Customizable casino games where cryptocurrencies are also accepted as playing currencies.

    Sports Betting

    Start your sports betting site with our turnkey sports betting software and generate revenue with every bet.

  • Description

    BR Softech is a certified casino game application development company headquartered in Jaipur, India with offices in USA, Canada, and Australia. With more than seven years of experience and with a team of more 150 professionals, BR Softech stands tall in the industry.

    Specialities of the Company

    Highly Skilled Developers

    BR Softech’s team of developers are highly skilled and experienced in the game development industry. They have worked on more than 1000 web projects and 500 mobile applications and were astute in their domain. In addition to their command over the predominant languages and techniques, they are not afraid to try new instruments and improve the services.

    Single and Multiplayer Games

    The company understands the requirement of the players. They expect a variety of games as playing the same type of game makes it monotonous and uninteresting.
    BR Softech develops various types of single and multiplayer games to make it more engaging for the players and to generate more revenue for the administrators.

    Cross-Browser Games

    The casino game developers are fully equipped to develop cross-browser games. Cross-browser games break the constraint of games’ availability in limited browsers. It gives the players hassle-free access to play the games.

    24×7 Technical Support

    The company is always there for their clients every time they are needed. They can be reached 24×7 in case of any queries. The dedicated support team answers all the queries and puts their clients and customers at ease.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    The games and applications built are always upgraded to further levels with the advent of new technologies. The company also sees to the right integration as some technologies might work well alone and not together, while some technologies work better together.
    The integration increases the responsiveness of the games and elevates the experience of the user.


    The value of the games and applications delivered are worth the cost. They are not too hefty to buy and integrate. They are set to be affordable and easily operable in the business.

    3D Games

    With stunning visuals and high-quality images, the company’s 3D games are assured to draw the attraction of a lot of players. 3D Games are more engaging and have a huge reception among the gaming community.


    The games developed by BR Softech are highly customizable and can be altered to the needs of the business. The themes and colours of the games can be changed based on the season or to give it a new look.
    The administrator can pitch his customising requirements or have the developers come with the best custom design for them. The rules of the games can also be changed and new rules can be inserted to make the games more fun and lucrative.

    Market Analysis

    The company offers not just the games and the customizing features, they offer a unified business package. BR Softech is much more than a casino game development company. They research the market for the best and trending ways to project the image of your business and its impact on the way the company is perceived.

    Rewards and Promotions

    Reward and promotions are great ways to increase players’ engagement and retention. BR Softech’s games are easily manageable and allow the administrator to set custom offers for players on every level. Jackpots and tournaments can also be organised to keep the players guessing and interested.


    Along with the currencies of various demographics, bitcoins and altcoins can be integrated to be used as the wager for playing games. The use of cryptocurrencies has been rising ever since its introduction. Incorporating it in the system might help in preparing for the company’s expansion and endeavours in the future.

    Mobile Application Development

    It is a casino game development company, but not limited to just games. The company is well equipped to develop various mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry. They have taken up quite some projects for Augmented Reality application development too.

    Web Application Development

    BR Softech’s web applications are known for the superior responsiveness and simple user interface. The company has its marks on almost every field that comes under software development.


    There can be obscure ideas in the project, the way the project is executed, plans, the company’s path, new technology potential, and a lot of complex things. BR Softech’s professionals offer consulting services and will clear the fog of doubts obstructing the next step.

  • BR Softech - Casino Game Development Company

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should you choose this game development company?

    The company already has a set of product that can be customized to suit all the dimensions of the business with ease. And it is well structured by the expert programmers to run seamlessly round the clock. The application can also be readily deployed into other applications to assist the businesses. It is one of the best applications in the industry.

    Can I add new games to the application?

    Yes, you can. From time to time the 2WINPower releases game packs or extension that can be installed in your gaming platform. Instead, if you have an idea that can be developed into a game they can help you with that as well.

    I want to add the application to my existing business. It is possible?

    Yes, the application is available as an API. So you can easily integrate into your existing business application.

    Is it possible to make my own crypto token as the only accepted currency in the system?

    Yes, it is possible. You could also integrate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and many other cryptocurrencies easily. This allows anyone to play on the platform without any hurdles related to Cross border payments.

    Is there a refund policy available on the website?

    For products purchased, there is a 14-day window to claim a refund from the Casino Web Scripts company. Just get in touch with the support.