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  • CASEXE Casino Game Development Company Review

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                                                      What do you get?

    The Products developed by the Casino Game development company offers these as a standard feature:

    – Web Front end ( A user facing website that anyone can access and play games on. )

    – IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

     Admin Panel for controlling the entire platform completly )

    – Game Manager Account (Game managers can moderate and control the game rooms.)

    – 100% Source code (Unencrypted source code)

                                                          Addon Services

    Extended Product Support (Extended Product support for the product)

    – Paid installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

             Questions?  shoot a mail to: [email protected]

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  • Products & Services Offered

                                                 Technologies used for Casino Game Development 

    Premium Bitcoin Exchange Website Template HTML


    Casino Package

    A good number of readily deployable casino that are featured in major casinos.

    HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash games can also be built and integrated into your business for an extra hand of revenue.


    Customizable casino games where cryptocurrencies are also accepted as playing currencies.

    Sports Betting

    Start your sports betting site with our turnkey sports betting software and generate revenue with every bet.

  • Description

    Casexe is one of the growing companies with innovative approaches to build and deliver projects on time. Their games offer gripping experiences and perform as one of the industry’s bests. The company provides its clients with unlimited options to customize their online casino to fit their needs. Their thirst for innovation and to try out new things with a wide range of technologies puts them on top of the industry.

    Specialities of the Company

    A Variety of Design Options

    Clients can go through Casexe’s huge collection of carefully designed templates and choose the ideal template for their business. Clients’ custom designs are also welcomed. Upon request, the team will design an exclusive template based on their clients’ requirements to fulfil the needs of the business.

    Personnel Management

    The application allows the clients to assign different roles for the users: operator (admin), affiliate, manager, support, and cashiers. Users can be assigned a specific role to play in the business.
    The feature ensures a smooth flow of the games and the business.

    Tournaments and Social Features

    Casexe online casino gaming company is highly user-friendly and comes with add-ons that are not often found in many casino games. The games are social media friendly and can be incorporated easily to improve user engagement. Further, the users can transfer credits to each other and take their games to the next level.


    Top-notch risk management and fraud prevention procedures are implemented in casino gaming applications to protect users. Technologies well-known for security are used for multiple game server integration and the projects are deployed on the company’s secured servers. Upon request, a dedicated server can also be easily arranged to satisfy the need.

    Multiple Game Modes

    In this online casino game, the users can toggle between multiple game modes and play as per their preferences. The demo mode allows the users to experience the games for a short time. The demo mode works to get the users hooked to the site. The fun mode involves no money. It is purely for the fun and the thrill of the game.
    The real money mode is where the users can bet and earn in real time.


    The online casino game development company allows its clients to generate various reports to analyse the games’ working and the revenue. They can generate player reports, game provider reports, transaction reports, bonus management reports, and playing frequency reports for all or a specific period of time.

    Customer Support

    Casexe, the online casino game development company has its own in-house multilingual support team available 24/7. All the questions will be answered as soon as possible to ease the clients. The support team also provides initial guidance and setup along with domain name registration.

    Easy Integration

    The casino application can be easily integrated into any business solution or sites. Easy integration allows the clients to readily deploy the product and make use of it as soon as possible.

    Bonus Management

    The casino game application has the most popular bonus presets integrated into its system. The games wagering requirements are adjustable and can be customized for specific providers and games. Bonus campaigns can be easily planned and executed to increase traffic and user engagement. Custom bonuses can also be targeted at a specific group of players manually.

    Wallet Management

    The secured wallet allows players to make deposits and withdrawals effortlessly. The feature unlocks unlimited payments and makes it easily manageable. The wallet allows every withdrawal to be manually authorised and thus increases the security. And with custom withdrawal limits, the player is assured of maximum security for his funds.

    Player Retention

    The application is structured with lucrative opportunities to keep players engaged for a long time. Jackpots and special event multipliers have proven to attract massive traffic into the application; along with email marketing and social media marketing, the casino gaming platform can reach the next portion of the population and gain new sets of players.

    Player Management

    The feature allows efficient management of player profiles. Restrictions and blocks can be placed on players who fail to comply with the rules of the games.
    They can be engaged with live chat to facilitate communication and to solve the problem.

    Site Management

    The site can be modified to add and manage menus, games, announcements, and advertisements. Promotion content can also be displayed to inform the players of the offers and discounts.

    Game Management

    All types of games can be integrated into the system for players to engage, play, and enjoy. It can be customized with new promotional rules. Games can also be disabled for the time being in case of any issues or for strategies.
    Casexe equips its clients with flexible and highly optimizable solutions for their online casino business ventures.

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