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  • Code Brew Labs Blockchain Development Company Review

    Code Brew Labs offers reliable and secure blockchain development solutions to businesses across multiple domains.

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  • Services Offered

    Smart Contract Audit

    Private Blockchain Development

    ICO Development and Marketing

    Decentralized Application Development

    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

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    Locations: India, Mexico, Dubai, USA

    Blockchain is anticipated to become the keystone for future generations, but the technology has already been around for some time now. Considering that technology has marked its presence, it will prominently change how citizens experience protection and security.

    In this article, we have summarized Code Brew Labs, a blockchain and cryptocurrency development company that provides solutions to clients across the globe.

    Code Brew Labs Blockchain Development Company

    Code Brew Labs was started in 2013, as a mobile application development company, and is currently counted among the leading blockchain development companies. Code Brew comprises a team of skilled developers that pay attention to every need of clients.

    Code Brew Labs’ comprises a team of more than 100 Blockchain app developers that provide advanced blockchain development services for every business.

    We have gathered some of their services offered in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    Services Offered by Code Brew Labs as Blockchain Development Experts

    Services Offered By Code Brew Labs

    1.Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts are also known as Crypto Contracts. These contracts are digital protocols built for validating conditions of a legal contract between two or more parties.

    Code Brew Labs assist in building smart contracts that are linked to the Blockchain, thereby achieving complete automation of processes and decentralization of data.

    2. Ethereum: Ethereum is a blockchain based distribution platform that helps in the development of smart contracts and dApps.

    The blockchain experts at Code Brew create decentralized applications for businesses according to mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

    3. Smart Contract Audit: Smart contracts have become vital in every blockchain business and applications. This makes Smart Contract Audit necessary in ensuring that contracts are performing as expected and prevent hack attacks and security breaches.

    Code Brew Labs’ has an expert auditor team that verify the entire structure of Smart Contracts.

    4. Wallets: Code Brew Labs holds expertise in creating cryptocurrency wallets that help in storing cryptocurrencies more securely and safely. The blockchain app development creates mobile wallets on the basis of platform, type, private key strong method or access.

    5. Private Blockchain: Blockchains that are owned and operated by organizations are known as Private Blockchain. Code Brew provides businesses with private blockchain developers, that assist in setting up of a private blockchain with secure decentralized databases for smooth transactions handling and supply chain management.

    Services Offered by Code Brew Labs as Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

    As a crypto-exchange development company, Code Brew Labs offers solutions that are tailor-made as per the clients business needs.

    For fast and secure transactions using cryptocurrencies, their team of blockchain developers helps in the creation of reliable crypto exchange solutions.

    We have listed some of the exchange solutions that Code Brews has to offer:

    1.Bitcoin Exchange Platform: Code Brew Labs assist in building a bitcoin exchange platform with skilled programmers available in the market. The programmers here create customized and secure websites for Bitcoin trading based upon the requirements.

    2. Mobile Crypto Exchange: Code Brew Labs is highly praised for its creative mobile based solutions, hence implement the same standards for mobile crypto exchange platforms.

    Code Brew Labs create an entirely customizable mobile crypto exchange solution that is both user-friendly and secure.

    3. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Crypto Wallets allow users to earn, manage and transfer their virtual currencies. Cryptocurrency wallets are different from the physical currency wallets, as the crypto wallets record transactions based on blockchain technology.

    Code Brew Labs have the necessary skill sets in creating wallets for mobile, web, desktop and hardware wallets.

    4. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Development and Marketing: Code Brew Labs assist in a successful launch of an ICO, right from token conceptualization to building of smart contracts. The development company also helps with the deployment of the website and designing the entire ICO campaign.

    The campaign is then handed over to the SEO specialists, who bring out some of the marketing strategies that help in promoting the cryptocurrency venture.

    5. Decentralized Application Development: or dApp is a software program created using the Blockchain that operates on the P2P computer network with the consensus in control.

    Code Brew Labs’ Blockchain experts are specialized in creating dApps that reshape the business with utmost security, and better integrity.

    6. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: The place where trading of cryptocurrencies does happen, is a cryptocurrency exchange. And an exchange platform has to be safe, secure and easily accessible.

    With Code Brew Labs’ guidance, a cryptocurrency exchange platform can be turned into a more secure and versatile platform that offers support to virtual currency transactions in a seamless way.

    Why Should you choose Code Brew Labs?

    Code Brew Labs has now proclaimed itself as the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency development company. Code Brew Labs is established as one of the pioneers of blockchain technology. Thus it works on innovating cryptocurrency exchange solutions by executing the latest technologies.

    Code Brew Labs are revolutionizing numerous businesses by leveraging blockchain-based applications across different industries. Some of the industries it has catered to are Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Retail, etc.

    The seasoned developers working for the company offer quality IT services such as design, strategy, mobile and web app development.

    Code Brew Labs has received accolades for the solutions it has provided from various listing websites; some of which are: Clutch; Top App Development Company, appfutura; Top Mobile App Developers, GoodFirms.

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    How do I connect with sales representatives at Code Brew Labs?

    You can connect with the Code Brew Labs sales team on the following numbers: USA: +1(408) 217-1185, MEXICO: +971- 502-386-289, DUBAI: +971507249244, INDIA: +917347001109. You can also fill the “Get in Touch” form available on the company’s website.

    Who is heading Code Brew Labs and I wanted to know core members of the company?

    Code Brew Labs is a Chandigarh-based development company led by Aseem Gharvi as the CEO; Pargat Dhillon, CTO; Gagandeep Singh as Management Head & Senior iOS Developer and Rajat Kashyap as Creative Head & Product Designer.