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  • Crypto powered marketplace platform Script

    Become an early mover with this ready-made commerce marketplace script powered with cryptocurrency payments

  • Crypto Powered Marketplace Platform Script


    Have questions, Shoot a mail to [email protected]

    What do you get?

    This Crypto powered marketplace script has a lightweight codebase and you get the following in the installation package

    – Base product Source Code ( 100% unencrypted source code )

    Well-documented code base

    + Detailed Step-by-Step installation Documentation.

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    Paid Cryptocurrency powered Marketplace Setup service

    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 24 hours

      SAVES YOU: 640 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Software Framework: Laravel

    Minimum requirement: Php 7.2, Mysql

    Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL

  • Description

    Use the early mover advantage to your benefit with this ready-made commerce marketplace script powered with cryptocurrency payments. 

    According to Triple A, there are currently 300+ Million cryptocurrency holders around the world who are accumulating cryptocurrencies without many avenues to spend them. It makes sense to start a business that accepts cryptocurrencies and makes it convenient for a user to pay with cryptocurrencies on your platform. 

    Now, about the product: 

    What is a Crypto powered marketplace platform Script?

    Crypto powered marketplace platform Script is a complete ecommerce platform built with Php + Laravel framework (easy to maintain). Laravel framework incorporates some of the best practices in terms of security and speed. 

    The Crypto powered marketplace platform Script is powerful multi-vendor marketplace script that supports the use of cryptocurrencies and has a product page creation suit that guides the vendors step by step to create a product page for their respective products. It’s easy to use (please have a look at the demo)

    How does the Cryptocurrency powered marketplace platform script work?

    Step 1: The user browsers through the products listed on the marketplace and then choose the one he / she wants to buy.

    Step 2: On the product page, they tap on the Buy Now / Add to cart . 

    Step 3: The Buy Now button would take them to the checkout page, where they will have to enter the name and shipping details and other gift wrapping options (if any)

    Step 4: On the next step, they get to choose the payment method from the available 20+ payment gateways that support over 250+ cryptocurrencies. (Isn’t that great! )

    Step 5: After choosing the payment gateway and the cryptocurrency, they can pay the amount requested by the platform. Once the payment is fully confirmed the order will be placed and shipped.

    Why should you get this Crypto powered Marketplace platform script?

    The Crypto powered Marketplace platform script has a strong and powerful admin panel where the admin can manage the entire site operations. Every vendor on the platform gets a super slick Vendor Panel that allows them to manage their products, watch sales, view transactions for their store, etc. 

    The platform also includes multiple revenue channels for the admin as it has commission on every product sold and various advertisement displaying options that may entice vendors to promote their products on the platform for better visibility among other products.

    Users would find the platform easy to use without any hassle. It has 20+ payment gateways that users can choose from and the admin has the option to enable or disable any of them whenever they like.

    The product also has great support from friendly staff. 

    Features of the Crypto powered Marketplace platform script

    – Profile Setting.
    – Change Password.
    – Deposit Management.
    – Deposit History Management.
    – Withdraw Money Management.
    – Withdraw History Management.
    – Transaction Management.
    – Product Management.
    – Post New Product.
    – Product List Management.
    – Purchase Product Management.
    – Sold Product Management.
    – Message Management.
    – 2FA Security Management.
    – Get Support Management.
    – Blogs & Extra Pages.
    – Email Notification & Verification.
    – SMS Notification & Verification.
    – GDPR Policy.
    – Livechat, Security Captcha Included.
    – Comes with Multi language Features.
    – Privacy & TOS.

    Admin Features

    – Manage Users.
    – Manage Brand.
    – Manage Category
    – Manage Product.
    – Manage Order.
    – Manage Advertisement.
    – Manage Payment Gateways.
    – Manage Deposits.
    – Manage Withdrawals.
    – Manage Support Ticket.
    – Manage Report.
    – Manage General Setting.
    – Manage Logo & Favicon.
    – Manage Extensions.
    – Manage Language.
    – SEO Manager.
    – Email Manager.
    – SMS Manager.
    – Manage Templates.
    – Manage Pages.
    – Manage Section.
    – Manage Blog Section.
    – Manage Contact Us.
    – Manage Partner Section.
    – Manage Policy Pages.
    – Manage Social Icons.
    – Manage GDPR Cookie.
    – Manage Custom CSS
    – Manage Specification.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the server requirements for this Crypto powered marketplace platform Script?
    We recommend a 4vCPU, 6GB Ram and above, 120 GB Diskspace to run Ubuntu 18.04 and then install the necessary dependencies. Here’s a discounted VPS link that works great with the product

    What are the software requirements for this Crypto powered marketplace platform Script?
    The software requirements for the Crypto powered marketplace platform Script to work are Php 7, Laravel dependencies and MySQL server for the backend. If you’d like to add more features, do reach out to us at [email protected].

    Do you offer customization on the product?

    Yes we do. Please get in touch with the team to discuss about your idea before we start customizing the product for you.

    Can you help install the script?
    Sure, we can help you with the installation of the script. Please write to us at [email protected]. Someone from our team will get in touch with you