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  • CryptoHopper Review

    Used by many. Lets today dive in and check the Pro’s and Con’s of this popular Cryptocurrency Trading Bot: CryptoHopper.

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  • Un-biased Review on the crypto trading bot platform Cryptohopper

    Cryptohopper review

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    We have been vividly using the Cryptohopper trading bot for some time now. Here is a deep insider review of this crypto trading bot platform.

    Why you should choose this?

    * Ease of use ( 8 / 10 )

    The User Experience is amazing. Upon first time login users get a plethora of options to checkout. Every section, button, module is well documented. You can never get lost. Extra care has been taken to stubbornly make you understand everything.

    * Multi-pair scanning ( 7 / 10 )

    If you are a mid level trader with good trading knowledge and experience, this is for you. Cryptohopper trading bot allows you to scan multiple pairs at the same time. This gives you a wide vision of the results based on various pairs. Can help in making better trading decisions and overall strategy.

    * Templates ( 8 / 10 )

    Cryptohopper certainly does have some incredible features that are not seen in other Crypto trading Bots. You get many options to pick and choose from when creating your templates. One of the remarkable thing in this crypto trading bot is that you can hold a specific signal over a preset number of candles.

    * Strategy marketplace ( 7 / 10 )

    You can think of this like an App store but for buying strategies. Experienced developers and traders have an option to sell their strategies in Cryptohopper marketplace. You can pick and choose the right strategy for maximum profits. You can also read previous reviews and make an informed decision. The downside is only some strategies are available for free by default. Many you would need to buy ( on top of the fee you pay for subscription ). We would also like to give a double thumbs up for the Strategy builder module. ( Room for improvement: When there is an issue or a bug in the strategy, the vendor of the strategy and Cryptohopper should work together to solve it. At present there is a lot of finger pointing among Cryptohopper and the vendor when a bug is reported. They blame each other )

    * Portfolio management ( 8 / 10 )

    This one an added bonus. We all know maintaining multiple accounts in various exchanges can become a daunting task to maintain. At one point we would definitely need a common place to manage and monitor all our holdings across all exchanges. Once you connect various exchanges to your Cryptohopper trading bot, you get a spectacular view of all your assets. This can be the best portfolio manager you could ask for 🙂

    * Support ( 7 / 10 )

    There is a built in A.I. bot that gives you support. Even though this does a good job at the base level, you would need to speak to an agent for specific issues. Yes, you get connected to the support team if needed. They answer your questions promptly. But the solution can vary based on your needs. ( Room for improvement: Would be awesome if the new support agent assigned each time does not pull a new angle to the conversation. They should be trained to check the previous conversations and follow track )

    * Connectivity ( 9 / 10 )

    You get to connect with every major exchange in the world. The process to connect is made extremly simple by just pasting your API key. Some smaller exchanges are yet to get added. But the Cryptohopper team is working on this quick and adding more on the go.

    Needs Improvement:

    * Pricing ( 6 / 10 )

    Cryptohopper is for sure prices its customers on the higher end when compared to competition. Though its not a big issue, it can create loss for new crypto traders who dont see a profit quickly. Cryptohopper provides an over all discount when subscribed for an year, but again how many would jump to immediately take it up for a year. You get access to certain features only if you go up the pricing plan. You get only 1 bot per subscription and experienced traders who need many bots would need to pay more. Obviously what all are looking for a Pay as you go pricing model.

    * Crypto Payments ( 4 / 10 )

    This seems to be a gray area. Most of the time when you try to make a payment using crypto, it ends up in frustrating hassle. The time it takes to sucessfully subscribe is way beyond reasoning. Also, no clear instructions on what can happen due to volatile markets, withdrawal fee etc. during sending out crypto. A crypto trading bot of this size would take care of all these nuisances and make it easy for the user to pay with crypto. Or just not have crypto payments at all ( and that would be an irony for a crypto business to not accept crypto payments)

    * Getting started ( 6 / 10 )

    Well, this is an issue with any crypto Trading Bot. Someone got to solve this. For beginners, any trading bot in the market is quite difficult to get their head around with. We are still looking out for a solution that just takes in the API key of exchange and starts doing its job. The user is just interested in seeing the results of the trade executed everyday and profits rolling in. Its that simple an ask. Or is it too much to ask for?

    * Constant Exchange connectivity ( 6 / 10 )

    This is something that Cryptohopper needs to work on more and fix it directly with the exchanges. Though it is no fault of this Crypto trading platform, it can affect the overall UX if not attended to. Some smaller exchanges create a problem when connected. It is definitely an issue with the API of the exchange. But again, Cryptohopper needs to take it up with the specific exchanges and fix it. Or this issue needs to be told to the users clearly when connecting to that respective exchange.

  •   SETUP TIME: Less than 60 mins.

      SAVES YOU: Hours Of Manual Trading.

  • Compatibility

    We tried used this extensive Crypto Trading Bot on the following devices and applications:

    * Desktop: Works perfectly on all major browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.

    * Mobile: The Apps work good on Android and Apple iPhone.

    * Tablets: Tried using the browser based application on iPad and Android tablets. Was smooth and worked real well.

  • What is Cryptohopper?

    If you are a Crypto enthusiast, you would have surely traded cryptocurrencies before. The manual approach to trading Cryptocurrencies for profit is via. an established Crypto exchange like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Newton etc. On the other hand, you can also employ a BOT to trade on your behalf automatically. It simply means trade keeps happening 24/ 7 even when you are asleep.

    Cryptohopper is one such Crypto Trading Bot. You can use this platform to spin of different trading bots that trade on your behalf. Once you signup, you connect your bot to your exchange via. an API key. From then on the action starts. You can either tune your bot based on your expertise -or- use existing built in strategies to make your bot trade.

    We would recommend you to fully understand the dynamics of how these bots work before even starting to do live trade. Get all your questions clarified, study the plaform before subscribing. Also try to do some dummy trades before playing with real money or crypto. Always remember, the bot can also go wrong. So it comes with it own risks.

    This Cryptohopper review would help you make an informed decision. We recommend you to please mention your experience and review in the REVIEWS section on this page 🙂

    Quick Tip to anyone at Cryptohopper: Would be super awesome if you officially recommend some trading strategies to buy. As a normal user, its very difficult to find the best trading strategy. We need to do a lot of trial and error before arriving at the best strategy and this is very frustrating. Being the experts, you need to try the top performing strategies and recommend the Top 5.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    * Why do I see so many errors popping up with my Crypto trading bot?

    This is not common. There can be a myriad of reasons for this happening. The most common reason would be with the API of the exchange you are trying to connect to. If you keep seeing them, try calling the Cryptohopper Customer Support. They respond quick.

    * Why is my Profit-Loss calculation showing up wrong?

    This issue is seen in general over all trading bots in the market. It definitely needs improvement. Since users may already have trade happened in the connecting exchange or in parallel they are manually trading in the exchange, it makes calculation difficult. So from the point you enter the START BALANCE and the system calculating the profit from the  SOLD positions, there is bugs in reporting. Hope the correction is made quick and reported.

    * How to trade beyond just elementary moving averages?

    Cryptohopper is one of the few Crypto trading bots that offer a powerful Strategy builder. You get to build your own strategy with hundreds of candlestick patterns and indicators. So, yes its for advanced traders as well. Also from the marketplace you can buy strategy from other pro users.

    * What other good Cryptocurrency trading platforms are present to compare?

    Yes. Check out this post on the top 5 Crypto Bot trading platforms. You can get a 360 degrees view to help your decision making process.